Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Oct 30, 2009

Pretty in Pink...the Princess tree!

The Princess Stocking
Ella Kate Designs has officially created the most adorable Princess tree ever...AND, it belongs to Miss Magic! Julie, we cannot thank you enough! Most probably think we're's the day before Halloween and our house is completely decorated for Christmas! I call it being proactive and not wanting "Ella Kate Designs" getting totally booked and missing out on Julie's creations! Halle-Grace LOVES her tree and it is just PERFECT!

Oct 29, 2009

Ella Kate makes Christmas...OH so Devine!!!

YES, our home is officially decorated for the holiday season! You may think I'm a little nutty...but I couldn't let this designer get away! Contact her today, she is amazing to work with and has the most amazing eye for exactly what YOU want!
Julie (or GOOlee as HG calls her) is AMAZING!!! She came into our home on Monday and has made it a WONDERLAND!!! Words can't express the level of talent and the "eye" she has for decor! WOW!!! We now have three Christmas in our kitchen area that I call my FUN's yummy enough to eat! (photo above). The tree in our living area is Asian inspired and is SO appropriate for HG's heritage...I LOVE IT! Trust me, I couldn't get my camera to do these masterpieces JUSTICE!

She made our banisters look AMAZING!!!
To talk with Julie about your decorating needs...act fast! She's GREAT as you can see...
My Dining Room...Chair tie-backs and centerpiece OH SO DEVINE!!!!!

LOVE my centerpiece...I love everything from Ella Kate Designs!

Oct 27, 2009

Happy Family Day to many TQ families we know and adore! AND......HANNAH'S A JUNIOR TOP CAT

Today marks one year for many other TQ beauties and their families. Last year at this time, we were already home from VN and having lots of visitors (who brought good food along with them....where did you all go??) HAHA! By the time Christmas rolled around, all of the TQ 44 were home nestled in their beds while visions of VICTORY danced in parents heads!!! It was a LONG, HARD road...but we MADE IT!!! Not only did we make it home with our little ones, we defeated a system that tried very hard to fail us, deceit us and keep us from our children! HATS off to all families! HG was the first of the 44 adopted on Sept. 1st (the day the MOU between VN and the US expired) many have asked "is that why you call her Little Miss Magic?" even though that would be most appropriate...I must say that most of you reading this are the REASON Miss Magic and all the babies came home!!! THANK YOU! You pushed, you PRAYED, you wrote letters, you made phone calls *the DOS office probably still remembers many of you by name*, you fought the fight with us and I, along with many other HAPPY FAMILIES *who are now complete* THANK YOU! So, where did "Little Miss Magic" come from? Her daddy calls her that. Search and listen to the song, "Little Miss Magic" by Jimmy Buffet.  It fits!

I am wishing Hannah & Hunter a Big GET WELL today! Hannah has H1N1 and Hunter went home from school sick earlier today! Praying they are feeling better soon. We had so much fun at the Panthers game on Sunday! Hannah was a STAR!!!! She was the most beautiful Jr. Top Cat EVER!!!! I am SO proud of her!!!

Click on this link to view more FABULOUS photos!

Oct 19, 2009

One more month...Miss Magic will be 2!

HG & Kaitlyn at Miranda's baby shower. The twins will be here soon! HG will be 2 and Kaitlyn just turned 3!
HG, Kaitlyn and CUTE!

It is hard to believe HG will be 2 in a month!!! WOW! Time flies! We are busy planning a Carnival party...just in time for her to fall in love with "Rella" (Cinderella)! SO, we are going to have a Cinderella party at her pre-school on her birthday (since it falls on a Thursday..and the Carnival on Saturday). That way I'm covered! Cinderella is her favorite book and she always says Daddy is the Prince (go figure)...well even though Cinderella has blonde hair...mama is NEVER "Rella" at the ball all dolled up...instead when Cinderella is in rags...THAT'S when she says "mama"! LOL! Kids are hilarious and will humble you! (even though Rella in Rags AIN'T too bad)! HAHAHA!

So, what is our 23 month old doing....I should say what is she NOT doing! Tonight, we went out to eat and then to Home Depot. Everyone kept telling her how cute she was and how they loved her dress, etc. One gentleman said to her, "you are just too cute, wow so pretty" and HG's response...."thank you, I know" I thought I would die! She is a MESS!!!! Jason laughed and it is his fault, not mine! She called every man with grey hair or who appeared older "papaw" outloud! GEEZ! She sings, dances, talks in complete phrases, knows the "Rella" book by heart, and she absolutely loves Ms. Alicia at pre-school and 4 hours is not enough time for the two of them...they are attached at the hip! (just what I needed someone else to spoil this child ROTTEN)!!!

What's happening at this month at preschool: the color is orange, the shape, triangle, they are making everything pumpkin to include ice cream, pie, cookies....they have carved a pumpkin, today was teddy bear day and next week they will "trunk or treat"....she also has a Halloween party at dance next week. She is just too busy!

AND, this Sunday, she will be attending her first NFL football game at the Panthers Stadium. Hannah is a Jr. Top Cat and will be dancing at half time! We are SO excited to watch Hannah and I will have LOTS of pics to post early next week!

Oct 14, 2009

A sneak peak...

OK thanks to Mer, I am an official Etsy FREAK! Thanks Mer! HG's Halloween costume arrived (purchsed on etsy) and it is MORE adorable than I imagined! She loves it and didn't want to take it off. All 19.0 lbs (yes we are back below the big 2-0 mark again) was bzzzzzzzz around like a wild queen bee. Here's a sneak peak...I just couldn't wait two more weeks. She has a Halloween Party at Dance and Trunk or Treating at MMO...and I discovered yesterday (Ms. Alicia who spoils this child ROTTEN) that she loves skittles!!! So suckers and skittles are her thing when it comes to sweets!!!
My sweet BEE!
AND, I am soooooo thrilled that I have found an incredible "graphic designer" on etsy. She's's a preview of HG's Birthday Party invitation...just so you know for privacy reasons, I have covered the dates, times, etc.
I assume most who read are family, friends...but just in case...I didn't want a bunch of CLOWNS, who are not professional ones, showing up for the PARTY under the BIG TOP! I mean it is a Carnival...but you get the drift. HA HA.

I have so much more to say and more exciting happenings and entry....Miranda's BABY SHOWER!

Oct 10, 2009

Miss Magic's personality is captured by Lucy Parker Photography!

She is so precious...

And Magical...

And SO girlie...loves her Lipstick!
And makes her photos look like "real advertisements"!
I look at these photos of my baby girl! I get lost in her big gorgeous eyes and her winning personality takes me by surprise everyday...she is always doing something new!
ENJOY viewing some of my favorites...the tutu one is just too funny...she was SO mad at me by that point in the photo shoot...I believe that was a WRAP as they say in showbiz!!! LOL! We will see Ms. Lucy again before her 2nd year old Carnival Birthday Party for some more pics. I can't believe my little baby will be 2 in less than 2 months!!!!
Click this link to view some of my favorite photos...

Disney on Ice

Miss Magic & I went to Disney on Ice with Ms. Lucy, Ellie and Lilly. The show was GREAT! The girls really enjoyed it!! Here's a link to view the photos
Lilly, HG & Ellie
Magical Mickey
They had so much fun!!!

Oct 6, 2009

Little Miss Social Butterfly!

Miss Magic has been staying really busy. Her social calendar stays quite booked! This past weekend she ran her 1st 5K with Jason (well she was kicked back and relaxed in the jogger stroller...all decked out in pink) it was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in downtown Charlotte. She had a BLAST! No one sent a memo...but apparently, she was part of the welcoming committee...she welcomed everyone and reached for people as they finished the race (sweaty and all)!!!! She's so funny and so friendly! On Saturday, she went to Hunter and Hannah's ballgames. They had "homecoming" at West and she was excited to see everyone!

Hannah flying high!
#2 Hunter Turner on the carry...he is an AWESOME quarterback!

Click on the link below to see more photos from the games
That night, she went to the Ned Devine annual Pig Pickin and she danced the night away to a live bluegrass band! The girl loves music and really likes to shake her booty! She still loves dance class with Ms. Jada and also loves her pre-school and especially Ms. Alicia! They have truly bonded!!
Tomorrow she has to wear "orange" to school. This week at school is Fire Prevention Week. She is participating in several special events to promote fire safety and on Thursday *which is their Friday since the "morning out" program is closed on Fridays*the fire department is bringing a truck for the little ones to explore followed by a practice fire drill (would LOVE to witness that)!!!
Her newest things....she LOVES clothes and shoes and with the changing of the season she is SO excited about her wardrobe! HAHA! She will say "ohh CUTE" and it is SO funny! She will walk by clothes and say "cute" (I wonder where she has heard such?!) She also points and says "I love YOU more" which melts my heart!!! She is such a sweet little girl but SO independent and VERY smart! She is so into art and coloring and LOVES stickers!!! She will stick them anywhere!!!!

AND I AM SO EXCITED...Jason and HG surprised me with a special gift...PHOTOSHOP!!! I love taking photos of Miss Magic and I have been wanting the program. Thanks J & HG!!! What a wonderful and thoughtful surprise!!!

Oct 4, 2009

Lucy Parker Photography

Miss Magic had her 2 year old photo session with Ms. Lucy from Lucy Parker Photography last week and the photos are BEAUTIFUL....despite the fact that HG was in a FOUL mood (2 year old molar time and finishing up a round of antibiotics for ear infections)! Lucy has incredible patience and we ended up laughing so much at our silly attempts to please a sleepy 23 month old! By the end of the session, I had lip gloss (which was being used as a "pleaser" all over my face and so did Lucy! Moms, if you are looking for a photographer, she is incredible! Believe me, patience and making the time enjoyable is so important and Lucy is a pro at both. She captured so many amazing "facial expressions" that portray HG's personality perfectly!!! I will post some of the photos here in the coming weeks...some will be saved for her Birthday Party Invitations...I am so happy and feel 100% at ease knowing Lucy will be the photographer for the "Carnival" at Miss Magic's 2nd Birthday "PARTY at The Big Top". Thank you Lucy for capturing all of the "beautiful faces" of Miss Magic and we can't wait until our next session! I think Daddy has to dress up for this one?!

Oct 2, 2009

WINK if you love my new hat!

Ms. Lucy at continues to create the most amazing items made "just for Miss Magic". HG 2nd party outfit will be WINKED out!!!