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Sep 29, 2009

She has tipped the scales....

HG had to make a visit to the pediatricians office yesterday for what turned out to be another ANNOYING ear infection! Bless her bones!!! She is doing very well and was quite the WILD WOMAN last night after the first dose of antibiotic. FULLY CLOTHED W/SHOES, she weighs in at a whopping 20 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, she can officially sit front facing in a car seat. LOL! She is still in the 2-3% of her weight category *which means nothing because she looks very healthy...just little* She is tall so as she gets know the deal. We have completed her fall/winter wardrobe for the most part and she will be sporting a lot of dresses and tights because jeans are a joke for her body right now. 12 month jeans fall off the soon to be 2 year old and anything smaller is HIGH water city! LOL! She's doing great, has dance tonight and is loving school. They are learning the color red and about God's creations this month. Tomorrow they make PIG cookies? She has chapel on Thursdays (would love to be a fly on the wall for that...HAHAHA). She is 100% PRISSY! She loves to wear "dipstick" what she calls lipstick...she asks for it by name all the time. She loves to have her nails (fingers and toes) painted and will sit and blow them forever to ensure they are dry! She loves to play dress up...and she can sing "Miss America" perfectly!!! She's MISS MAGIC!! We are blessed! Busy rest of the week and weekend ahead...will post more later. Thanks for reading and leave Miss Magic a comment:)