Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Apr 18, 2010

The 2 1/2 year old scene

What's Miss Magic up to at 2 1/2? Halle-Grace's favorite word is "mine"! Everything belongs to her sweet mind anyway! She is a complete HAM these days...more so than ever before. She has something new to amaze us with daily! SHE LOVES FLIP FLOPS! Poor thing will wear them til her toes have blisters! She has not a care in the world as long as she has her flip flops on and is "on the move". She is a complete "social butterfly"! She loves her friends, loves to learn, and loves to sing (Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Itzy Bitzy Spider, Jesus Loves Me, Happy Birthday..and more). A chorus teacher recently told us (after Miss Magic sang Happy Birthday to her son about a dozen times in a restaurant) "she can sing, she holds the pitch, etc". Well, of course, I think she can sing...but you all know her dad...haha....he has told everyone! He is so wrapped, it's really precious to see the two of them together! She is for sure A DADDY'S GIRL!
She is going to the potty very well. She loves taking dance/gymnastics and is quite the performer! I'm getting really excited about her dance recital in June. I'm sure she'll add some of her own special choreography :) She LOVES to play outside! She is incredibly friendly and outgoing...and SMART! Her vocabulary really surprises me (especially when you consider she didn't hear English until she was 9 1/2 months old)! She talks all the time (where does she get that?!) She knows all of her colors, her ABCs, can identify letter and numbers...and more! Above all, she is truly magical and the most precious gift we have ever received.We are incredibly blessed! I thank God for bringing us together as a forever family!!!

Miss Magic has a winning personality!

Shannon Devine