Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Dec 18, 2012

Aug 31, 2012

Celebrating 4 years as a Forever Family!

                                                    September 1, 2008
                                                     ~Adoption Day~
                                                Tuyen Quang, Vietnam

                                              September 1, 2012

Aug 20, 2012

Our 4th Annual Family Day is approaching!

It is so hard to believe our 4th Family Day celebration is coming up so soon! Time sure does fly when you're having fun :) Miss Magic is up to so much these days. How time flies and things change SO much in four years. I will never forget the feelings I had 4 years ago as I packed and prepared to hold my baby girl and see her face to face! Thanks to an angel named Thuy and the sweet Nannies in the TQ orphanage, we had been receiving monthly (if not more) photos of our tiny miracle growing, crawling, sitting up & about 2 weeks before Jason & I  boarded the plane to Vietnam, we received photos of her standing up with her head freshly shaven! That was the day I think I lost it. I cried (even harder that day) because I realized I was missing so much and I was so furious at the US Government for the ordeal we had been through...(ok I want to keep this cheerful so my rant is over :) After spending the entire day at her orphanage on her adoption day, I completely understood and appreciated her cute little buzz cut :) It made her look just like her daddy :)

Above are the photos I received 4 years ago in August, 2008.
 Instead of packing for Vietnam...this year we are busy packing her bookbag for PreK :) God is good! She is SO full of herself and has a new nickname! It's "Flower Child" she has been coined "Flower" by her cheer coach Amanda. Here's the day at cheer, Amanda was trying to teach HG's team "cheer lingo" so she went around asking each child, "are you a base or a flier" Miss Magic (who must have blonde roots) shouted out, "I'M A FLOWER!" She is SO hilarious and always finds a way to make people smile. I have said it before and I'll say it again...she continues to sprinkle her magic dust all around!
Miss Magic 4 years after her adoption day!

Aug 11, 2012

August 2012

HG's friend Clara Sue striking a pose at the pool :)
Her brother Landon is Miss Magic's "boyfriend" HA!

Not quite 5 and already has great style :) Miss Magic in her True Religion jeans
YES, she is Magical!!!

Aug 3, 2012

Summer 2012


PreK is just around the corner

It is SO hard to believe that Miss Magic will be starting PRE-K in a few weeks! She is SO excited! She has her big girl book bag and is already playing school. Her imagination these days will BLOW your mind :) She loves to play "store" where she takes most of her clothes from her closet and sells them to us! HA! She is still a dancer, singer & little artist! She LOVES to swim & her social calendar stays FULL :) Here are a few photos of our tiny miracle

Daddy & Miss Magic

Sweet girl

She loves to stunt in the pool! Odyssey Cheer

Nanny has made her a BEACH BUM

Point those toes HG

Loves playing dress up! LOL

Mommy & Miss Magic 
Shopping with Gabby & Bella

Her BIG girl school book bag :)

Jun 9, 2012

Miss Magic's Dance Recital

Once again, HG stole the show :) the bruise on her head was not part of her "costume" BLESS! She had a ball performing. Thank you Ms. Jada for another FUN year of dance!

May 14, 2012

About time to catch up with MAGIC :)

If I could find a way to update via iPhone I would not be such a HORRIBLE blogger. I can't find the time with my social butterfly & her social calendar! She keeps us moving at all times! Dance, Soccer, Competitive Cheer, school...and so on!
Here are a few recent happenings in our lives. #1: Miss Magic has been accepted to NC PreK and will start in the fall!! Watch out Harvard:) #2: HG is now on a competitive cheer team and she LOVES it!!!! #3: Her daddy graduated with his Master's in Divinity and after 90 hours, he is beyond estatic! Nanny turned the BIG 60 a few months ago...Hannah celebrated her birthday and had Kellie Picker, Lauren Alaina, Hunter Hayes and Craig Morgan sing Happy Birthday to her & Hunter is 15 and getting her driver's permit!!!!!! WOW! That's a little catch up for now and here are some photos to enjoy!
HG & Clara

Soccer 2012

Odyssey Cheer

Congratulations Daddy!!!

Happy 11th Birthday Hannah