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Aug 16, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAY KAY!!! We love you!!!!!!!!

Same Event Different Perspectives

This evening we took a trip to the toy aisle so Halle-Grace could pick out her very own “grocery store” set. This set includes a grocery cart full of food, the coolest cash register and twin baby girls that she has named Jessie & Ruby. After being home for a couple of hours…HG just now came up for air from her shopping spree. She has been everything from stocker to shopper to cashier. I think she has the most fun as a combination shopper/cashier…oh the discounts you get when you shop that way! Jason finds it funny that the same event is seen very differently from each of our perspectives. Same register, same activity, just a little different interpretation depending on whose eyes are viewing it.
Halle-Grace's view: Wow, this is AWESOME! I am having a blast. Not exactly sure what this loud beeping sound means when I press this little wand and hold it down but I really like it. Not only is it fun for me but both Mom and Dad enjoy it as well as they both put their hands over their ears when I hold it down non-stop for several minutes at a time. I think that must cause this high pitch beeeeeeeeeeeeeep to echo in their ears. They really seem to like it. They also love picking up all of these tiny items and they’re so nice to put them back into my shopping cart over & over again…
Jason's view: I know this is a game for her but it is really helpful as she is already learning proper manners while she plays. When she is the cashier she is asking her customer how she is, and saying thank you while checking her out. I am sure this is developing her imagination skills and creating neurons in her brain as we speak. She is even counting out the dollars correctly thereby reinforcing her counting skills. When she is the stocker she is reinforcing good work ethic and pride in task. I can see how much passion she has in placing the items in just the right spot on the shelves. Good choice for a toy/game.
Shannon's view: I wonder how long before she can actually do our shopping at Wal-Mart for real?? Anyone who knows me well, knows I do not enjoy trips to Wal-Mart...but how cool, Miss Magic LOVES to shop and she obviously prefers a credit card over cash!!! Her daddy loves her so much, how will he ever be able to tell us NO when it comes to future shopping sprees!!! Go HALLE-GRACE!!! I love this game/toy as well. GREAT choice!