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Sep 30, 2009

ONE year ago today, Miss Magic became a US Citizen!

It's hard to believe it has been a year! I will NEVER forget that LONG flight from VN. Nanny and I laughed till we cried. I was so tired I was literally stupid/silly!!! HG was a dream...the best baby! We were reunited with Jason and Miss Magic met her ENTIRE LOVING FAMILY!!!

Here is Miss Magic today...spoiled rotten and LOVING life. I will type more soon...I am beat...keep up with Miss Magic for a will see!!!

I'm a HAM




up to something.....

And MY storybook continues................stay tuned

Sep 29, 2009

She has tipped the scales....

HG had to make a visit to the pediatricians office yesterday for what turned out to be another ANNOYING ear infection! Bless her bones!!! She is doing very well and was quite the WILD WOMAN last night after the first dose of antibiotic. FULLY CLOTHED W/SHOES, she weighs in at a whopping 20 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, she can officially sit front facing in a car seat. LOL! She is still in the 2-3% of her weight category *which means nothing because she looks very healthy...just little* She is tall so as she gets know the deal. We have completed her fall/winter wardrobe for the most part and she will be sporting a lot of dresses and tights because jeans are a joke for her body right now. 12 month jeans fall off the soon to be 2 year old and anything smaller is HIGH water city! LOL! She's doing great, has dance tonight and is loving school. They are learning the color red and about God's creations this month. Tomorrow they make PIG cookies? She has chapel on Thursdays (would love to be a fly on the wall for that...HAHAHA). She is 100% PRISSY! She loves to wear "dipstick" what she calls lipstick...she asks for it by name all the time. She loves to have her nails (fingers and toes) painted and will sit and blow them forever to ensure they are dry! She loves to play dress up...and she can sing "Miss America" perfectly!!! She's MISS MAGIC!! We are blessed! Busy rest of the week and weekend ahead...will post more later. Thanks for reading and leave Miss Magic a comment:)

Sep 25, 2009

Sep 23, 2009

CLICK here to support Miss Magic's 1st 5K and her efforts to find a cure! SAVE THE TATAs

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Jason & Miss Magic's goal is $500.00. Let's help them BLOW it out of the water! They are running in honor of Mamaw Devine and Aunt Gloria.

DADDY, is this training fun or what??!!! COME ON, help me raise funds and save the TaTas

A BEE she will BE!

I have found Miss Magic's Halloween Costume! Where? You guessed! Thanks M, I am SO addicted!!! LOL! Miss Magic will be the cutest little bumble bee EVER! The seller makes these adorable costumes. The only difference in the photo you see will be a long sleeve black turtleneck and her leggings will be yellow & black thin stripe vs. white & black stripe. Etsy is cool because you can have things made "just the way you want it"! Thanks to Paisley and Posies, they were GREAT to work with...below are sample photos of  the Bumble Bee! I LOVE the yellow and black tutu that is covered in HUGE black sequin disk (huge selling point for the BLING loving mama)! HG's cuteness will STING everyone come Halloween! Promise to POST tons of photos!

Photos from Paisley and Posies...check them out on

Sep 21, 2009

Pre-school ROCKS!!! AND mama's adoption day gift

Life with Miss Magic is always TOO much fun! She is really into coloring these days and she LOVES pre-school and is learning so much...she's like a sponge! She spends 4 hours at pre-school 4 days a week and during that time they do the following....table activity, saying "good morning to friends", free center time, snack time, bible story with an activity, music and movement, art time, outside play (or gym if the weather is not so good), lunch time and book/story time.....that's a LOT in 4 hours! The moment she is in the car, she is FAST asleep!

Final thought for the day.....Halloween will be here before we know it! So, what will Miss Magic be this year??? I have NO idea! Last year she was a skunk and she is still a stinker...but what will she dress up like this year? Have any ideas? She is a PRINCESS anything else come to mind????

OH...and one more thing, for Miss Magic's adoption day celebration, I was presented with the MOST beautiful necklace that has a's a map of HG's birth place. On the back it has her adoption date engraved. I LOVE IT and I have had SO many curious comments about the necklace that lead to the best's a pic of it. You can probably see it on me in the photos as well. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Want one for yourself or for a special someone? M shared this link with me on etsy *the lady makes fabulous pieces...all so unique* the sellers name is DosBesitos.

Sep 18, 2009

Busy BUT Blessed....Get well Nanny cause Miss Magic will be TWO in TWO months!!!!!!


We have been non-stop!!! Some of the things we've been up to lately.....we celebrated Family Day

Lulu celebrated Family Day as well! Lulu looking SO darn adorable in her WINK BABY!!!

 I traveled to Arizona to watch a great friend compete in the Mrs. America Pageant... who made it to the TOP 6!!!

HG started dance/gymnastics and she loves it! The first week she was VERY interested in the lollipops!!! LOL! The video is priceless..but when Ms. Jada pulled the trampoline out, Miss Magic was READY and was excited to show off her flips!

We celebrated Mamaw Verna's birthday...she is 84 years young:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMAW!!! We love you!!!!

We went to watch Hannah cheer and Hunter *the quarterback* play football and that was a lot of fun!!!
 Hannah &Miss Magic modeled in a fashion show...

I traveled AGAIN, this time to Rhode Island for a two day business meeting....Newport/Goat Island was BEAUTIFUL!!! We are going to have to go back as a family and meet up with T, M & Lulu for dinner:)

Sunset at Newport
Nanny had surgery (she is home recovering, thanks for all the prayers), and J is cycling 2 centuries back-to-back (yes, that is 200 miles on a bicycle)! He's a machine!
As you can tell, we have been busy but we are incredibly blessed! SO many photos to come..


Sep 14, 2009

Meeting my HEN face to face a year ago today!

Exactly one year ago, I met my HEN friend M. She & T made their way to Hanoi and prepared for the long trip to TQ to adopt their beauty! I just want M to know how much I love their entire family and how much joy Lulu has brought include Nanny! Hannah & Hunter still ask about Lulu! We love you guys and want to wish you a BLESSED FAMILY DAY!!!!

Sep 9, 2009

LUAU Family Day....and so much more! CLICK here to see all photos from Luau & Family Day!

Miss Magic has so much going on in her life! She is one busy and HAPPY little girl! The Luau was a HIT! We had a wonderful time. I promise to attach a link of ALL the photos I took asap....busy week. She started dance and gymnastics this week and LOVES it and she also started "parents morning out" at a local church. The program they offer is TOPS! Last spring she attended two mornings. She is now attending four days (9-1pm) She LOVES her teachers and playing with the other children. She'll be two in November and it's time for the "interaction" and to begin learning all she can. She is like a sponge and is SOOOO smart! Her vocabulary amazes me! She talks ALL the time and is a SMART cookie!!!

Miss Magic's story continues......

Sep 4, 2009

FUN times with Miss Magic

Tomorrow is our Family Day Celebration....A LUAU!!! Nanny has worked SO hard and our pool area looks amazing! Can't wait to post photos after the celebration!!!

Miss Magic has so much going on in the next few weeks...she has a fashion show that's she is modeling in with Miss Hannah!!! And this Tuesday will be her 1st night of DANCE/GYMNASTICS!!! She's going to love it! If she hears music...she gets to moving!!! Here are a few pics...I think she's ready!

Daddy helping to "point those toes" LOL! She is TOOOOOO much fun!!!
 Lucy is the BEST!!!

Family Day Invitations featuring "MISS MAGIC"

Sep 1, 2009

HAPPY FAMILY DAY! 1 year ago today, God placed Miss Magic in our arms...

Celebrating our 1st Family Day! God is GOOD!
It's really hard to believe that one year ago today, we met our daughter face to face! Words can't describe!!! A year has flown by and you will be able to tell by the photos, Miss Magic has GROWN from a baby into a beautiful little girl! She is absolutely the most amazing blessing! Thank you Lord for blessing us with our "tiny miracle"!
                     She is such a daddy's girl! She has him wrapped more than she'll ever know!
She's laughing at the baby in the photo that mama is holding...that's you MISS MAGIC!
Kissing the photo taken September 1, 2008. Daddy holding HG on the drive back to Hanoi
She loves her elephant! Aunt Krista gave me this elephant at a baby shower for HG. On one ear it has her date of birth, when we returned home, she took the elephant and had HG's adoption date placed on the other ear. HALLElujah!!!
Our DEVINE Miracle on her 1st Family Day