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Oct 19, 2009

One more month...Miss Magic will be 2!

HG & Kaitlyn at Miranda's baby shower. The twins will be here soon! HG will be 2 and Kaitlyn just turned 3!
HG, Kaitlyn and CUTE!

It is hard to believe HG will be 2 in a month!!! WOW! Time flies! We are busy planning a Carnival party...just in time for her to fall in love with "Rella" (Cinderella)! SO, we are going to have a Cinderella party at her pre-school on her birthday (since it falls on a Thursday..and the Carnival on Saturday). That way I'm covered! Cinderella is her favorite book and she always says Daddy is the Prince (go figure)...well even though Cinderella has blonde hair...mama is NEVER "Rella" at the ball all dolled up...instead when Cinderella is in rags...THAT'S when she says "mama"! LOL! Kids are hilarious and will humble you! (even though Rella in Rags AIN'T too bad)! HAHAHA!

So, what is our 23 month old doing....I should say what is she NOT doing! Tonight, we went out to eat and then to Home Depot. Everyone kept telling her how cute she was and how they loved her dress, etc. One gentleman said to her, "you are just too cute, wow so pretty" and HG's response...."thank you, I know" I thought I would die! She is a MESS!!!! Jason laughed and it is his fault, not mine! She called every man with grey hair or who appeared older "papaw" outloud! GEEZ! She sings, dances, talks in complete phrases, knows the "Rella" book by heart, and she absolutely loves Ms. Alicia at pre-school and 4 hours is not enough time for the two of them...they are attached at the hip! (just what I needed someone else to spoil this child ROTTEN)!!!

What's happening at this month at preschool: the color is orange, the shape, triangle, they are making everything pumpkin to include ice cream, pie, cookies....they have carved a pumpkin, today was teddy bear day and next week they will "trunk or treat"....she also has a Halloween party at dance next week. She is just too busy!

AND, this Sunday, she will be attending her first NFL football game at the Panthers Stadium. Hannah is a Jr. Top Cat and will be dancing at half time! We are SO excited to watch Hannah and I will have LOTS of pics to post early next week!