Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Mar 25, 2009

Take time to thank God for a healthy baby!

Halle-Grace had an excellent well check appointment. She is in the 2nd percentile of her weight category (which means nothing really because the doctor is not concerned and she looks and is VERY healthy)...She may always be a peanut:) She has grown over 2 inches and is doing really, really well. Thank God for our healthy baby girl who is such a blessing!!!

Now for the blow...I received a message concerning Halle-Grace's orphanage and the conditions there. There are MANY sick babies with pneumonia...some are hospitalized and at least one baby has died! It makes me angry! The USCIS made it SOOOOO incredibly hard for us to adopt Halle-Grace! The files I have would make your head spin off! WHY DOES THE "SYSTEM" make it SO HARD to give a child a loving home? These children could be with their forever families (like Halle-Grace is right now) BUT the MOU between the US and Vietnam came to an end on Sept. 1, 2008.

The problems that make me sick to my stomach go well beyond international adoptions too.... I have a friend right now who is a foster parent. The child(ren) were removed from their home based on neglect over a year ago! My friends are fighting the system to adopt! Why is this the case? Why do the children always suffer because of "adults" decisions?Please pray the "system" will begin putting the "CHILD" first! Our Gov. initiates programs coined "no child left behind" and so on.... What about the issues above? I DO NOT understand!

God, please soften the hearts that need to be softened! Those who can change policy, laws, rules, etc. and PUT the CHILD FIRST once and for all!