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Oct 10, 2010

MISS MAGIC..."Practically Perfect in every way"

It is incredibly hard to believe that we are planning birthday party #3!!! Where has the time gone? Halle-Grace is the most amazing little girl in the world! She is the funniest, most intelligent little miracle! She LOVES music and her latest thing is SINGING very loud! She will sing for anyone and doesn't have a shy bone in her body! Her favorite movies include...of course Wizard of Oz, Monsters Inc. She LOVES Annie and Mary Poppins. Jason & Miss Magic went to see the live performance of both Annie & Mary Poppins in Charlotte just a few weeks ago.
Sooooo, the theme for Birthday Party #3....Mary Poppins! HG is thrilled! Here's a sneak peak at her party invitation...of course, it's a sample but I was very pleased by the artwork of Lynnette on She is making more party goodies...I will post a link so you can all check out her fabulous artwork. Monica is once again creating a masterpiece of a cake, spoons full of sugar and candy apples AND....MARY POPPINS will be in attendance!!!! There's tons of more planning to do! I promise to post lots of photos and such :)