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Apr 19, 2009

17 months old today!

Time is flying by and I can't seem to make it stand still! Our baby girl is beginning to not be a "baby" at all! It is sad but at the same time I love watching her develop new skills and say new things and with the growing...the noise level is getting louder as well! If she decides she wants to pursue a career in film...HORROR movies will be great. She has the highest pitch blood curling scream you have heard! Seriously!

She gets cuter & more adorable by the day! Jason & I made a list of everything Little Miss Magic is doing at 17 goes:

Halle-Grace is saying:
Mama, Papa, Bye Bye (with a high pitch in her voice that is really sweet & southern), Hi, UH OH (her favorite), ooo la la (as she flips her hair), NO (her nose scrunches), touchdown(sounds like tadawn), OH NO (with her hands on her face), I don't know (with her hands out and a confused look..sounds like I da nO), I love ME (she forgets the "you" part now HA HA) and she loves to say, "TADA"...she also says "wow wow" because of a show she watches on Noggin. Her favorite shows on Noggin are Wow Wow Wubbzy, Yo Gabba Gabba, Ni Hao, Kai-lan and she loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and has a crush on Handy Manny on the Disney Channel!!! She also loves to watch American Idol!

She dances ALL the time regardless of when, where, etc. She has some incredible moves...and she taps her toe and points it!! I found out I can put her in dance with Ms. Jada when she is 2! She can do a flip (roll over) and she can sit in a split (she is incredibly flexible)...which means gymnastics will be a strength. She makes sounds like a monkey and scratches under her arms (her dad taught her this)!
She does patti-cake and really ROLLS it up! She makes "spanky face" and she gets really excited about everything and will open her mouth as wide as she can!
She gives kisses right on the lips and blows them too with EMPHASIS...she says MUAH really loud!
She LOVES to sing!!! She does this really loud as well. I don't know what she is saying most of the time but she will throw her head back and shake it like she is really getting into the lyrics of her song! The two songs I can identify are "rock a bye baby" & "Happy Birthday". She will rock the glider or her little rocking chair and say "bye bye" and has the tune...followed by a lot of other words that I can't quite make out! She sings "happy birthday" REALLY LOUD... you can hear the "DAY" very easily and for some reason she sings "happy birthday" in a much lower key than other songs???
She loves to run with Jason. She will go over to the jogger stroller and literally climb in. They are quite the team and she is a daddy's girl! He is really wrapped and acts WEIRD now! I guess that's what little girls do to their dads (even though she calls him PAPA...I don't know why?)
Her feet are growing! She is still in a size 2 diaper so I guess she will have a tiny rear and big feet?! She is getting taller as well so 12 month clothing for height is great! By summer, I am sure she will be able to wear 12 months in all clothes (if not, we will have to do some alterations)!
She is incredibly friendly and talks to EVERYONE! She continues to reach for people in public that she DOES NOT know and almost cries like "please take me"...I look at the total stranger and say, "I promise I don't beat her, she is just really friendly"!!! How embarrassing! LOL!

She LOVES to be outside and she loves Italian and lasagna are her favorites! She also loves meat and prefers meat over other items on her plate!

She is a CHARACTER to say the least and very MAGICAL!