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Oct 30, 2010

3 Halloweens by Miss Magic

Halloween 2008...our little stinker & tiny lil pumpkin

Halloween 2009...our Bumblebee!

Halloween 2010....Dorothy...and she dressed up as a Ladybug for her dance party at Step-N-Out.

What a week...

My mama has had ONE MORE WEEK to say the least! Poor thing!!! She had major back surgery on Monday and she is still in the hospital (today is Saturday). She's experienced some complications here and there along the way but I am so happy this morning she is doing much better. Suzanne, Gene & I have been taking care of her during her stay and she has been a pretty good patient. She has done so many things that remind me of Mamaw Parker :) Funny, yet sweet memories...
Because of all of the excitement, I have not had time to blog. If it's not attached to my blackberry, it doesn't get done during times like this.

Halle-Grace had a GREAT week packed with fun! This week at pre-school she had a trunk or trick day, a pumpkin party, her birthday outfit arrived and other items that I purchased (thanks to Mer and my etsy obsesssion!!!!!) And, she received the most AMAZING crayons from Lulu! I will post a picture soon. The crayons are in the shape of yummy cupcakes and even a set that spells her name...TOO COOL! Thanks M & lulu! We love you guys!!!

Such a performer...she's singing, "Tomorrow", "Spoon Full of Sugar", Somewhere over the Rainbow"