Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Oct 27, 2009

Happy Family Day to many TQ families we know and adore! AND......HANNAH'S A JUNIOR TOP CAT

Today marks one year for many other TQ beauties and their families. Last year at this time, we were already home from VN and having lots of visitors (who brought good food along with them....where did you all go??) HAHA! By the time Christmas rolled around, all of the TQ 44 were home nestled in their beds while visions of VICTORY danced in parents heads!!! It was a LONG, HARD road...but we MADE IT!!! Not only did we make it home with our little ones, we defeated a system that tried very hard to fail us, deceit us and keep us from our children! HATS off to all families! HG was the first of the 44 adopted on Sept. 1st (the day the MOU between VN and the US expired) many have asked "is that why you call her Little Miss Magic?" even though that would be most appropriate...I must say that most of you reading this are the REASON Miss Magic and all the babies came home!!! THANK YOU! You pushed, you PRAYED, you wrote letters, you made phone calls *the DOS office probably still remembers many of you by name*, you fought the fight with us and I, along with many other HAPPY FAMILIES *who are now complete* THANK YOU! So, where did "Little Miss Magic" come from? Her daddy calls her that. Search and listen to the song, "Little Miss Magic" by Jimmy Buffet.  It fits!

I am wishing Hannah & Hunter a Big GET WELL today! Hannah has H1N1 and Hunter went home from school sick earlier today! Praying they are feeling better soon. We had so much fun at the Panthers game on Sunday! Hannah was a STAR!!!! She was the most beautiful Jr. Top Cat EVER!!!! I am SO proud of her!!!

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