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Jul 30, 2010

Miss Magic is on the go...

Thank you Aunt Suzie...I love this photo of HG!
WOW! We have been so busy lately...well, really all summer long and Halle-Grace loves every minute of it. She is such a social bug! She is SO much fun! Her new thing is "lyrical dance". You truly have to see it to believe it!!! Her song of choice is "Faithfully" by Journey (haha) and she dances the entire song...each time she adds a little more choreography! I've always heard that the best lyrical dancers use their facial expressions to tell the "story"...well, she has that down pat as well! Jason & I are amazed each and every day!
Nanny's beach bum. Thanks Nanny for the FUN in the SUN!
Miss Magic @ the Mrs. International Pageant. Is she precious or WHAT?