Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's first Mother's Day "with" Halle-Grace. Last Mother's Day she was still in the TQ orphanage but I was VERY MUCH her mama!!! AND...the blog is a year old today! I started the blog on Mother's Day last year! I never imagined the trials we would endure on our way to our tiny miracle nor did I have ANY idea how much JOY "little miss magic" would bring to everyone she encounters!
Being a mom comes from the heart and my heart has exploded since the first day I laid eyes on Halle-Grace (March 5, 2008) and then on September 1, 2008, I held my daughter for the first time!
God's agenda was a bit different from my own...but his plan was SOOOO perfect! Look at her!!! She looks like her dad but SO acts like ME!!! BLESS JASON'S HEART!!! He & Halle-Grace have made this day so special. They cooked breakfast for me and Halle-Grace picked out the most amazing pair of sunglasses for mom and the sweetest card...and I have a gift certificate to use for a massage, mani, pedi...Halle-Grace really knows mama's style!! Good GIRL!
I am so blessed on this day! I have a mother who has set a perfect example of being the BEST mom!! I love you mama and you have blessed my life in SO many ways!
I also am blessed to have Kay Kay! She shares with me a "special bond" even though we are not "birth moms" blood doesn't constitute love and I will argue that with anyone (right Kay Kay)!
I also have my sister, Suzanne who has been an amazing example for 12 years of what a loving mother does for her children. She has NO idea the impact she has had on my life and how I try very hard to model my "motherly" skills after her own. Look at Hunter & Hannah...pretty much perfect (well they are to aunt Sha Sha).
And I am SOOO blessed to have my grandma Parker who has blessed all of us and I am so happy she is still here to enjoy Hunter, Hannah & Halle-Grace (her great-grands).
On this day, I remember Mom Cornwell who I miss more than words can describe! She was the PERFECT example of motherly love!
I miss her so much and it makes me incredibly sad that she never had the chance to meet Hunter, Hannah and Halle-Grace. I know the day we all get to heaven she will have her lap ready for ALL of them! She is my "red bird" and I think of her everytime I see one fly by...I know she is watching over us!
AND SOOOO hard to type...I miss Gabby Girl so bad today! Last year, I had no idea it would be my last Mother's Day with her! I still remember her card with her sweet little paw prints on it. They are forever imprinted in my heart! She was the TRUE example of unconditional love and I miss her more than you'll ever know!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today, we also celebrate HUNTER'S birthday!!! 12 years ago today, he was born on "Mother's Day" and also on my college graduation day! So, now everyone knows how OLD I am! I cannot believe he is already 12 and I cannot believe I have been out of college 12 YEARS! WOW!
We are going to Suzanne's for a Mother's Day celebration and also to celebrate Hunter's birthday!

To all TQ mothers, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you! BOY, did we endure the true test of faith, love and patience...we did it!!!! All of our babies are home and spending Mother's Day with their forever MOMS!
Love to all and Happy Mother's Day!!!

I have lived through many of these days, but this Mother's Day held new meaning…obviously.
There is an old Jewish proverb that says, “God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.” What better way to describe the selfless, unconditional, and un-ending love of a mother. Shannon and I have been blessed in so many ways. We both are blessed with wonderful examples from our own mothers of what it is, to be devoted in word and in deed to your children. They are the best examples of what mothers should do and be. Thanks to our mothers for setting the example that we both now follow and look to as a guide in raising Halle-Grace. Your love and guidance has not only had a profound impact on each of us, but is now being passed on to Halle-Grace.
And also, thank you to Shannon, for being the best mom in the world to Halle-Grace. I still reflect and become overwhelmed at the sheer devotion and commitment to Halle-Grace Shannon has had even before the adoption. Shannon loves Halle-Grace more than life, almost as much as I do, : ) and as such is the perfect mom for her. It still is amazing to watch and see Shannon’s personality in Halle-Grace. There are so many wonderful qualities in Shannon that I hope are passed on and replicated in Halle-Grace. Thank you Shannon for loving Halle-Grace as you do, she will always be blessed by your motherhood.
And finally, we say “thank you” to an anonymous lady. Somewhere in the world is the lady that gave birth to Halle-Grace. Although we have no idea who she is, and probably never will, there is a bond of gratitude and thankfulness between us all. Last March, when we received our initial notice of referral for Halle-Grace I remember there being an INSTANT bond…talk about love at first site. We were not in anyway shocked or surprised by this. However, what I was not expecting was an overwhelming and intense feeling of love and appreciation for the woman who cared enough for Halle-Grace to allow her to be adopted. We are forever grateful and indebted to her for her gift to us, our DAUGHTER! So wherever she is now, thank you for giving Shannon and I the absolute BEST gift ever given. May God bless you in a very special way!