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Apr 6, 2009

April is a Month of Milestones for Halle-Grace (posted by Jason)

We are only six days into the month and already Halle-Grace is having several mile-stones.
To begin with she went to her first live production, PLAYHOUSE DISNEY last night. Dad was not able to go and believe me I never thought I would be disappointed to not be able to go see Mickey, Minney and the crew but last night was a bummer for me. Shannon came home with camera in hand and grinning from ear to ear talking about the time Halle-Grace had and showing off the many pictures from the night. Halle-Grace was still on a high herself and just bee-bopping all over the house. Needless to say, she went to bed shortly and was GONE. Now prior to going, if truth be told Halle-Grace was ever so slightly a little partial to me. AFTERWARD, Daddy who??? She was all over Shannon. They definitely bonded last night. Bittersweet. I love when Halle-Grace reaches for me, but I am just as excited when she and Shannon get to do the mother daughter thing.

So, this morning I was able to climb back into Halle-Grace’s good-graces, even if just a little, when I took her to her first day of Mother’s Morning Out (should be called PARENT’S Morning Out, but that is another entry).

For most kids this could be a bad/scary experience, not Halle-Grace. Little miss social butterfly all but pushed me out of the place this morning. I am still looking for the little footprint on my rear which is sure to be there from her kicking me out the door. But on the bright side, being the one dropping her off allowed me to climb back in to her good-graces ever so slightly. However, that was short lived as I was also the one to pick her up 4 hours later. You know it really does a parent well to have their own child cry for someone they have known for one morning when it is time to go!!!! Believe it or not that is exactly what happened this afternoon when I picked her up. When I first arrived I peaked in through the window to watch Halle-Grace running to and fro, pointing at other children and babbling up a storm. When I decided to walk in she didn’t miss a beat and continued playing while I called for her. When I finally picked her up she tried her best to crawl over my shoulder to one of her teachers. Too bad for her I am stronger than she is and held tight. She was disappointed but had to come home with me. The good-graces I had regained this morning quickly disappeared. Halle-Grace's artwork...she can glue and un-glue if you can SEE what I mean
Once we got home she morphed in to a limp dishrag. As I put her into the crib she was OUT. After checking on her again, 90 minutes after laying her down, she still had not moved an inch from the position she went down in. I would not be surprised if she sleeps until tomorrow morning after this day. She is zapped.
And if you are wondering, the ladies at the MMO asked me to never bring her back. Yeah right! Actually she was described as an athletic thief. Apparently when it was gym time Halle-Grace sprinted repeatedly from one end of the gym to the other only stopping when her pants, which were a little long on her, would trip her up. She then got right back up and started at it again. The thief part is applicable because I was told she stole everyone’s hearts over there. I have to say I am not surprised, in fact I would have been shocked to have heard anything less than stellar as a report. Now the only thing to figure out is if she does so much running on her own is, on Saturday for our first 5K do I run with her in the stroller or let her push me???