Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Sep 29, 2010

Change the world for a child

I recently had someone ask me a few questions about adoption and helping children in need.

"What do you feel are the top 5 things to consider/know when adopting?"

Speaking from experience...
1) The world of adoption changes frequently, it's critical to remain up-to-date on recent developments
2) Adoption is a Journey, not a process. Every adoption is different...if you are adopting from the same country as someone else, or adopting domestically in the same state, EVERY adoption is different.
3) It's a MUST that you work with an accredited agency! Prospective Adoptive Parents should be educated on the steps of adoption so they are not over-whelmed! What is a homestudy and how long are they valid? How long are fingerprints valid? What is a Dossier and how do you begin compiling one?
4) Find a mentor, a support group! You cannot walk this journey alone! It is not always an easy road, however, the JOY is worth every mile! I couldn't have made it without the HOT HENS!
5) What are my options (foster to adopt, domestic, private, open, closed, international) What are the pros and cons?
6) Costs? How will I fund an adoption? There are many resources and grants available to prospective adoptive parents AND the tax credit the federal government allows per adoption is over $13,000.
7)How do I educate my family/extended family (my article in Best Ever You Magazine is a great example if you haven't read it just yet)

All of the above can seem overwhelming, that's why I believe NCFA is a powerful organization. You can be confidenet the  the agencies under their umbrella are legit and they work with the entire picture of adoption....the children, the birth parents, the adoptive parents and pregnant women who realize that adoption is the best gift they can give to their unborn child. They also work hand in hand with legislation.

What else do you do to help children in need?

I am a Court Appointed Special Advocate (Guardian Ad Litem/Child's Advocate in Court) with CASA. This allows me to be a voice in court for abused/neglected children in the foster care system. CASA is a National Organization

GET INVOLVED, Change the world for a child!