Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Aug 2, 2009

Turning Point.....

My loves!

Gosh, I am a horrible blogger!!! I thought I had posted a "week ago" but it has been much longer. It's summertime and the living ain't easy! LOL! It's busy!!! We are having the BEST summer ever with Little Miss Magic.
A year ago is about the time we started processing our own paperwork with our agency to "go ahead" to Vietnam and adopt Halle-Grace regardless of what the USCIS had to say. AND WE DID! If you have been a frequent reader you will remember this photo from the end of July last year. When we saw that an IV had been in her hand...that was enough! I wasn't waiting any longer for the USCIS to "figure their own mess out". They had been caught too many times in a spider web of stories. So enough about that...if you want to read more go back on the blog to mid-June/July/Aug. of 2008. Yes, we traveled to a third world country with NO I-600 for Halle-Grace and had to sign a form stating I would not return to the US for 2 years if she did not receive an approval. My heart signed on the dotted line because anyone reading who has a child would agree...YOU will go to the end of the world for her/him. Jason had promised me through it all, "Not bringing our daughter home is NOT an option". He doesn't break his promises...especially not to Little Miss Magic:)

Thank God it all worked out that Halle-Grace & I and Nanny were able to return to the US about 3 weeks after Jason had to leave VN. It was a difficult time but I wouldn't give anything for the time I was able to "live" in her birth country! I hope we can return someday soon. The time also brought a special family into our lives. M, T and Lulu! God has a way of knowing when families belong together!!! M was another mom who decided to come on to VN without an approval for her angel! We were the REBEL HENS! HA! I think/pray we will always share a special bond! We sure shared a lot of tears and a TON of laughs (cab fight & Nanny)!!!!

Our Angel!
I don't think the flowers smell so good!

Her first day of bible school at Eastside. She went with Granny to bible school at Hulls Grove earlier in the summer and LOVED every day! Both churches are using the "Boomerang Express" theme and the decorations tonight were so cute...kangaroos and choo choo trains. What happens when you throw a Boomerang? It comes the message is "IT ALL COMES BACK TO JESUS". True and cute!