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May 14, 2012

About time to catch up with MAGIC :)

If I could find a way to update via iPhone I would not be such a HORRIBLE blogger. I can't find the time with my social butterfly & her social calendar! She keeps us moving at all times! Dance, Soccer, Competitive Cheer, school...and so on!
Here are a few recent happenings in our lives. #1: Miss Magic has been accepted to NC PreK and will start in the fall!! Watch out Harvard:) #2: HG is now on a competitive cheer team and she LOVES it!!!! #3: Her daddy graduated with his Master's in Divinity and after 90 hours, he is beyond estatic! Nanny turned the BIG 60 a few months ago...Hannah celebrated her birthday and had Kellie Picker, Lauren Alaina, Hunter Hayes and Craig Morgan sing Happy Birthday to her & Hunter is 15 and getting her driver's permit!!!!!! WOW! That's a little catch up for now and here are some photos to enjoy!
HG & Clara

Soccer 2012

Odyssey Cheer

Congratulations Daddy!!!

Happy 11th Birthday Hannah