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Mar 21, 2009

Hunter in the SPOTLIGHT

Hunter's basketball team won the county championship game today! He was so excited!!! Hunter is an awesome player! I can see him 6-7 years from now...he will be in the same league as Tyler Hansborough, and of course PLAY FOR THE TARHEELS...who are officially in the SWEET SIXTEEN!
So after his championship win, he came over with Hannah & Suzanne to play with "Little Miss Magic". They had a great time! Jason played guitar hero with them
and then they had a lot of fun with Wii fitness...hula hooping (notice Hannah is holding Halle-Grace AND hula hooping) skiing, Hannah loved yoga, and Hunter liked balance games and thought it was too cool when the tight rope dude took a plunge!! They helped me unlock more levels of fitness which is really nice!
Halle-Grace was really smitten with Hunter today! She loved him carrying her around!
I am SO ready to see them swim this summer. I have never looked so forward to warm weather in my life! If you know me well enough, you know I am still a "Boone girl" at heart and my blood loves the ASU weather. However, "little miss magic" makes me want to see the sun and feel the pool water get warm. I can't wait to teach her water babies and watch her play and swim all summer long! Next weekend is her photo shoot and we are really excited to see her "do her thing"...CHARM, CHARM, CHARM with her winning personality!
We are blessed!