Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Nov 20, 2010

Dancing For Santa!

 Halle-Grace LOVED Santa!!! She talked to him for a LONG time. I overheard her say something about Mary Poppins and she showed him her earrings and checked out his ears and his nose and commented on the size...children say the funniest things!!! She visited with Santa immediately after her dance performance.
 Her entire dance studio at Step-N-Out danced for Santa's arrival. Halle-Grace started dancing before the music started and she LOVES a crowd! Such a show off, simply adorable and a complete HAM!

Halle-Grace is 3 years old! Happy Birthday Little Miss Magic and Happy National Adoption Day!

What a busy few days we have had. Busy, yet SO blessed! We attended the National Council For Adoption's 30th Anniversary Bow Tie & Pearls Gala in Washington, DC to celebrate the miracle of Adoption.  

We celebrated Miss Magic's 3rd birthday and presented her with pearl earrings from the Gala's Chairman
(look closely and you can see her new pearls)
AND, today is National Adoption Day!!!

Later today, Halle-Grace will be dancing for the arrival of Santa at the mall with her dance class...lots of photos to follow! HAPPY NATIONAL ADOPTION DAY!!!