Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Mar 17, 2010

Such an inspiration...

Halle-Grace with her great-grandmother Parker
My grandmother is very sick and her sweet body is so tired! I pray for peace and understanding and above all comfort for her. I don't want her to suffer. It's been a difficult week for my family but God continues to show His presence and for that I am so very thankful! Last night as Halle-Grace was going to bed (our routine is to say our prayers, sing songs, read a book...well maybe the reverse order) the sweetest thing came out of her mouth. "I want to see Mamaw Parker"! Sometimes she just calls her "Parker". She loves her and she knew something was different about last night....she didn't get to visit with her because HG has the pink eye (which is clearing up thanks to powerful eye drops).

My grandma Parker is an amazing, strong woman who truly inspires me! She's endured so much in her life...losing her mother before she was a teenager, losing her husband when she was only 47 years old, losing a child, a grandchild, most of her brothers and sisters that she practically raised...BELIEVE me, she is a remarkable woman who's legacy is BEAUTIFUL!!! I admire her! and I love her dearly! God gives me comfort in knowing that all of those she has lost....she will see again! His promise is beautiful! God Bless Mamaw Parker.