Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Aug 24, 2009

"The key to to let go of fear" Rosanne Cash

Speaking of fear, last year at this time, I was SCARED to death! I had signed a form saying, "I will not re-enter the US for two years if Halle-Grace does not receive a visa"! WOW!!! I would do it again in a flash!!!!

So much has changed since this time last year. Last year at this VERY time, my bags were packed, I had checked the "CAS list" twice, all of Halle-Grace's clothes were packed and perfect, diapers, bottles, medicine, you name it...and we were headed to Vietnam!!! I cannot believe it has been a year!!! Where did the time go!!!

As we prepare to celebrate our 1st annual FAMILY DAY on Sept. 1st, a special day with so much meaning...I can't help but become emotional each time I think about that day, the trip, the long drive from Hanoi to TQ, the anticipation of meeting my daughter face to face....I was so in love with Halle-Grace before I ever laid eyes on her in person, but when God placed her in my arms outside of the TQ orphanage, he blessed me with the MOST amazing gift and responsibility ever! Even though she responded with her fish lips (silly girl) after starring at my hair for at least 4 heart was COMPLETE! At that VERY moment, God took all of the burden off my back! I had endured a lot of heartache on my journey to Little Miss Magic. BUT, I thank GOD for everything that didn't go as planned. Somebody wrote a song about thanking God for unanswered prayers...well, if anything else would have went as I thought I wanted it to go...I wouldn't have my girl and that thought makes me want to cry! WHEW...thank you Lord for the most BEAUTIFUL baby girl with the most magical personality on earth.

Change will continue...but we will embrace it...Miss Magic has big plans in her journey!