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Jan 9, 2010

Magic Carpet Rides (posted by Little Miss Magic's Daddy)

So, it has been quite a while since I blogged an entry so the need is long overdue. But length of time between entries is not the motivator for me to write about this week. It was a coincidental, or not, occurrence, that leads me to sit and type.
Since the turn of the year I have taken a break from school and part-time work to return to full-time employment. I worked five straight days this week (GASP). As such I made the decision to be intentional to have “date nights” with each of my ladies, HG and S. So this past Wednesday, January 6, was my first “official” date with HG. I didn’t ask, just imposed it upon her, for fear of being rejected and trumped by “Again” which is her way of requesting to watch the Wizard of Oz.
At any rate, the plan was to take her to play land indoors at the local Chick Fil A followed by her first trip to the theater to watch the Princess and The Frog. Trying to keep my usual long-windedness short, I will simply say for various reasons, those plans fell through. The date ended up just being some playful daddy daughter time at home as S excused herself from the mix. What resulted was pretty neat.
After dinner and playing in the den multiple different games we decided to relax in the glider and see if something was on television that might foster her sitting on my lap, be it ever so short lived or not. We happened upon the Disney movie Aladdin, which immediately captivated HG. About half way through watching it the coincidence struck me. The date was Jan 6. It was the first “official” date with HG and we were watching the movie Aladdin. My mind quickly went back 17 years to Jan 30, 1993 and the first “official” date between S and me, going to the theater to watch the movie Aladdin. Completely unplanned or orchestrated, I ended up having my first date with each of my girls surprisingly in similar fashion, albeit, my affection for the younger was more openly received and returned than with the older.
Funny how that works, because then I am struck by the irony of the two dates. For, with the older, time fostered trust and a growing willingness for affection, with the younger, time is the enemy. For there will be someday in the teen years, hopefully short-lived, where the younger will be embarrassed by her overly affectionate father and shy away from public kisses and hugs. But until then, I will relish the opportunity to make her giggle by rapidly smooching her neck and cheek only to have returned to me icy-pop covered lips that make my cheeks sticky and smell like fruit. To many more wonderful dates…I sure do love my girls!
Photos taken with blackberry. HG sharing her icy pop with daddy.