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Aug 18, 2009

Miss Magic is 21 months old....on the 19th

One of my new FAVORITE photos of "my loves"
At 21 months old, HG can turn a flip and this is how she comes up...she's TALENTED!!!

She's my baby girl...who is growing up, talking in phrases, loves wearing lip stick and now PONY TAILS!!!

Her Family Day Celebration is planned (thanks Nanny) and tonight we finalized her "Luau Attire" that she will wear during the party with Lucy at Wink Baby!!! It's going to be PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I also set a date for her 2nd birthday party (boo hoo), lined up Wink Photography and secured the Carnival's a as HalleGrace would say...Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You may think I'm a little OCD, but with my job, I have to do it all at once to make sure I don't miss any details! BUSY BEES we are!

She's MISS MAGIC for sure! We are BLESSED!