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Oct 30, 2010

3 Halloweens by Miss Magic

Halloween 2008...our little stinker & tiny lil pumpkin

Halloween 2009...our Bumblebee!

Halloween 2010....Dorothy...and she dressed up as a Ladybug for her dance party at Step-N-Out.

What a week...

My mama has had ONE MORE WEEK to say the least! Poor thing!!! She had major back surgery on Monday and she is still in the hospital (today is Saturday). She's experienced some complications here and there along the way but I am so happy this morning she is doing much better. Suzanne, Gene & I have been taking care of her during her stay and she has been a pretty good patient. She has done so many things that remind me of Mamaw Parker :) Funny, yet sweet memories...
Because of all of the excitement, I have not had time to blog. If it's not attached to my blackberry, it doesn't get done during times like this.

Halle-Grace had a GREAT week packed with fun! This week at pre-school she had a trunk or trick day, a pumpkin party, her birthday outfit arrived and other items that I purchased (thanks to Mer and my etsy obsesssion!!!!!) And, she received the most AMAZING crayons from Lulu! I will post a picture soon. The crayons are in the shape of yummy cupcakes and even a set that spells her name...TOO COOL! Thanks M & lulu! We love you guys!!!

Such a performer...she's singing, "Tomorrow", "Spoon Full of Sugar", Somewhere over the Rainbow"

Oct 21, 2010

Watch "Foster Care: A Reality Check" Sunday, October 24 on Nickelodeon!!!

Watch "Foster Care: A Reality Check" on Nick News with Linda Ellerbee this Sunday, October 24

This Sunday, Nick News with Linda Ellerbee will premier a new half-hour special, "Foster Care: A Reality Check," at 9:00pm EST on Nickelodeon. With almost half a million children in U.S. foster care, this special will address tough questions such as: How did they wind up there? How do they cope with moving from home to home? And what happens when they're no longer kids? Hear stories from children like Isaiah and Solomon, twin brothers from upstate New York. "One thing (my mother) said that really bothered me was, um, she never meant to have me," Isaiah says.
"They may not have chosen the path they travel," says Ellerbee, "but they have a lot to teach the rest of us about courage, strength and resilience."
"Foster Care: A Reality Check" premiers this Sunday at 9:00pm EST on Nickelodeon.


Oct 16, 2010

Cute, talented & magical pumpkin...

                             Cute with talent...winning combo!

Oct 10, 2010

MISS MAGIC..."Practically Perfect in every way"

It is incredibly hard to believe that we are planning birthday party #3!!! Where has the time gone? Halle-Grace is the most amazing little girl in the world! She is the funniest, most intelligent little miracle! She LOVES music and her latest thing is SINGING very loud! She will sing for anyone and doesn't have a shy bone in her body! Her favorite movies include...of course Wizard of Oz, Monsters Inc. She LOVES Annie and Mary Poppins. Jason & Miss Magic went to see the live performance of both Annie & Mary Poppins in Charlotte just a few weeks ago.
Sooooo, the theme for Birthday Party #3....Mary Poppins! HG is thrilled! Here's a sneak peak at her party invitation...of course, it's a sample but I was very pleased by the artwork of Lynnette on She is making more party goodies...I will post a link so you can all check out her fabulous artwork. Monica is once again creating a masterpiece of a cake, spoons full of sugar and candy apples AND....MARY POPPINS will be in attendance!!!! There's tons of more planning to do! I promise to post lots of photos and such :)

Oct 6, 2010

My gifts from God

This post doesn't need words...I'm blessed!

Oct 4, 2010

Land Of Oz...visit with the Quigleys

Land Of Oz
Halle-Grace & Mickey
Jason's description of yesterday's fun festivities is right on target....ENJOY!

What an absolute wonderful day yesterday was-despite the fact that Shannon and I both forgot how COLD the top of the mountain could be...
We took HalleGrace and Hannah to ‘The Land of Oz,’ in Banner Elk. Each year, for only one weekend, The Land of Oz is open to the public. The Land of Oz is complete with characters, memorabilia, a museum and stage performances…and, at least on the day we went, overcast misty skies, blustery winds and freezing temperatures. That being said, it would have taken a true Kansas tornado included to dampen HG’s and Hannah’s enthusiasm while we were there. We took the open-aired hayride to the top of Banner Elk yesterday and even though temps were barely in the 40s, I could feel Halle Grace shivering, neither she, nor Hannah ever complained. And once in the theme park you would have thought it was 75 degrees and sunny.

HG and Hannah both enjoyed meeting and having their pictures taken with the characters. HG even enjoyed having one taken with the wicked witch of the west, even though she cautiously kept her eyes on her the whole time…trust but verify...And if that wasn’t enough excitement for the day we met the Quigleys in Boone for ice cream afterwards. The Quigleys by the way are another family that adopted from Vietnam. Mickey, sister Maggie and mom Mary met us for a quick reunion before we came home. The kids surely hit it off, sharing smiles, hugs, kisses, and even rolling around on the floor together (usually something we would not allow in a public setting...but as cold as it was, NO one else was eating ice cream and they were having quite the reunion. haha)
 Mickey and Halle Grace exchanged so much affection with each other that I might be inclined to predict a future for the two, but poor Mickey, he has plenty of other would-be-suitors to contend with for Little Miss Magic has em already lined up. As I have said before, her nickname is ever-so-fitting for, no matter where we go, she seems to cast her magical spell on everyone. I mean, if the kid can get the Wicked Witch of the West to smile like a Wal Mart greeter then should we really expect less anywhere else!?!
If my meager attempt to describe the fun HG had falls short just keep this in mind. As we left Boone yesterday afternoon HG feel asleep in the car at 4:00 PM. As of this morning as I sit typing this at 6:20 A.M. Halle Grace is STILL asleep!!! She has yet to wake up from her weekend adventure! What a great weekend. But don’t take my word for it. Just take a look at these wonderful pictures Shannon took of the trip. As always, Shannon does a fantastic job of documenting the life and times of Miss Magic. Enjoy!!!CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE...

AND, here is the smiling witch?!