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May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Being called "mommy" is the best sound in the world! Halle-Grace and I had a great Mother's Day together! We were able to spend time with Nanny, Kay Kay, and Aunt Suzie! BLESSED is the word that sums up my Mother's Day! Here are just a few photos from yesterday. I have TONS to catch up on...(I know I have been a horrible blogger and work..busier than ever before :)
Thanks to Suzanne and Mike for our excellent Mother's Day meal! HG especially LOVED the watermelon and of course the cookie for Mike and Hunter's Birthdays!

My Little Miss Magic!

Donuts for Dads.

Halle-Grace attends the most amazing preschool! Each month she gets a calendar of events, etc. They
take learning seriously! Recently, they had a "donuts for dad" morning. Enjoy Halle-Grace's responses below (truly hysterical)! Mother's Day was yesterday...and donuts with mom is this coming week (I am a wee bit nervous to be quite honest (what will my sheet reveal? be continued!