Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Mar 16, 2011

Our brave little miracle

Miss Magic had surgery today and she is doing well, recovering and stealing the hearts of everyone...the doctors, nurses...
She was SO brave, never cried, complained...the perfect patients! Thanks to everyone who came to the hospital and for everyone who was praying for Miss Magic! Mrs. Mandy took very special care of her. She gave her a very special surgical hat with pink polka dots and lady bugs!
Halle-Grace, you are loved by so day, when you can fully will blow you away! My angel is resting well tonight, thank you Lord for watching over her! Please continue to pray for a quick recovery!

Mar 12, 2011

Sesame Street Live Continued...Hey, LOOK ZOE!

This video is PRICELESS! Her excitement and squeals will bring a smile to your face immediately! However, Miss Magic doesn't stop there...when she spots Zoe, one of her favorite Sesame Street characters, HG remembers that she is wearing ZOE PANTIES. She was SO proud!!! As you will see, she  announces loudly to everyone around, then proceeds to FLASH the Sesame Street characters!
Like I said...PRICELESS!
Is she not the most amazing little girl EVER? She's FULL of life, smiles and laughter!
Meet and Greet with the characters

River Walk...Miss Magic Style

Whatever HG sees mama wearing/doing, she wants to wear and do the same thing (I think it's adorable)! When I have to travel,  I send Halle-Grace photos. She LOVES pageants and normally expects to see lots of glitz and glam. When you watch her video below, you will see...she adapts really well and even adds her own personal touch... Miss Magic has style!!!
With Brooke at the River Walk
We are judging the Texas International Pageants this weekend in San Antonio...TOUGH job! Good Luck to all of the ladies! Be confident, just like Halle-Grace, and have FUN! For the record, I can assure you that we were not performing "lyrical" at the River Walk today...that's all HG!!!

Sesame Street Live

Miss Magic had a BLAST to say the least! More photos and video coming soon!
The number for the day 3...she was thrilled because she is 3 years old :)