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Nov 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Miss Magic!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LITTLE MISS MOST amazing, favorite girl!!! I love you so much and you make life worth living GIRL!!! You're my world and will always be mama's little girl! And of course, Daddy's too...he's crazy over you and you are pretty smitten over him as well!
SO, what did Miss Magic do on her 2nd BIRTHDAY....first, she got all dolled up in her birthday wear..her TUTU (of course and LOVED every minute of it)....the first phone call she received was from Aunt Suzie and Hannah. Hannah sang to her but by the time Suzie got on the phone, HG sang Happy Birthday to herself for Suzie! She's FUNNY!
Jason, Nanny and I celebrated her birthday with her friends and wonderful teachers at MMO. 
Doing the Chicken Dance with Daddy!
LOVED her Balloons
As you can see, Ms. A changed her into her "Cinderella" dress that Aunt Ollie made for her!
She looked like a princess for sure! She was so excited and led the class (all boys today who I know LOVED the Princess theme! HAHA) in "HAPPY BIRHDAY to HG".Nanny & HG having fun at the Cinderella/Princess PartyMISS MAGIC knows how to party! Click this link to see more photos
Festivities continue....Party under the BIG TOP this Saturday! Stay tuned for more pics