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Feb 27, 2011


Hannah is crowned Tiny Miss West Lincoln

And...the tradition continues! On Saturday, my nieces, Hannah, Lizzy & Zoey competed in their first pageant! Hannah approached me in January and told me she would like to enter. Lizzy and Zoey were on board within a few days as well :) I allowed the girls to select their own dresses and made them promise to make a commitment to prepare, practice, and above all...have a GREAT attitude about the day, regardless of the outcome! Of course, I think they are absolutely adorable, beautiful, and they are WINNERS...not only in pageantry but in LIFE!  I seriously was blown away by their performances on Saturday! They were little PROS and each one had a fantastic time! I enjoyed every step of the journey and loved getting them prepared before and on pageant day!
Zoey (4) was 1st runner up in her age division (4-6 years)
and the Photogenic Winner

My favorite girls....Hannah, Halle-Grace, Zoey and Lizzy

Lizzy was 2nd runner up in her age division.
Silly little girls

Hannah, the new Tiny Miss Queen

Zoey's winning Photogenic Picture...taken by Aunt Shannon :)

Halle-Grace had a BLAST supporting her cousins!
They are all winners in my eyes! So proud of you girls!! Love you all!