Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Apr 30, 2009


Please pray for our friend's 4 year old, Preston Loyd. Preston was ran over by a lawn mower. Here is their Caring Bridge link

Preston's dad, Ashton, has his testimony from this past Sunday posted on the link as well "Ashton Loyd's Testimony" want to talk about POWERFUL!!! WOW!!! Please take the time to listen to their story and PRAY...tell everyone you know to pray! I have goose bumps as I type at the outpour of love and prayers around the WORLD!

Join the prayer warriors and pray little Preston through!

"do you smell what I smell?"

That would be "rotten"! My child is rotten!!! Nanny had her Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. Jason had a scholarship interview in Winston Salem and I was on the road from sun up to sun down (the drive was beautiful to Frankin, Sylva, etc) and I ALWAYS love seeing my accounts up there!! SO, Halle-Grace returns home with a new PRINCESS PINK table and chairs perfect for the pool (thanks to Nanny).
It is really cute! We have it on the deck for now and Halle-Grace is already enjoying having snack out there as you can see. Thanks mom for all of your help. This week has been very busy and Monday I was REALLY sick feeling. Jason had to go to school because next week he will be finished until the fall...I was literally throwing up and scared I had that flu mess...Halle-Grace would pretend she was throwing up too! Like I said, she is rotten!!! I feel 100% better now! We are ready to SWIM!!! BYE BYE till next post