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Dec 30, 2009

2009~A year in the life of Miss Magic

HAPPY NEW YEAR!~ May God Bless you and your families in 2010!

Dec 29, 2009

SO Blessed even with the "bug" CHRISTMAS PHOTO LINK....Enjoy!

If you are driving near our house...I highly recommend you turn around and go back to where you came from!!! We have a BUG running through our house! Poor HG has a virus and now J is sick! We took her to the doctor yesterday and she was once again the perfect little patient. No medicine for a virus...just TLC and icy pops (that's what she calls popsicles). Thanks for all the calls, texting, etc to check on us! Please say a prayer that I stay well so I can take care of HG & J! Even though we have a "bug" we are SO blessed! J & I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary two days before Christmas and we were able to spend Christmas with our families...
Christmas this year was a sad time as well, on December 21st, Jason lost a dear friend suddenly! Donald Ray's death was very unexpected and extremely heart breaking to say the least! Donald Ray and J became friends back in J's Air Force days. They both loved to fly and do all sorts of things together.....well, if you call what those two crazy birds did..."flying"! Just to give you an idea....Donald Ray owned a plane and his own landing strip in back of his granted this plane was a cesna 150 (I hated that darn plane, not to mention he "made/designed" a plane and crashed it twice...dear Lord, he was a funny bird)! One night, J and his CRAZY MOTHER (yes Judy, you are crazy for doing what you did) flew OUT of that landing strip (of grass and dirt) as Donald Ray sat in his truck shining the head lights down the "runway" for them to see!!!!!!! Dare devils to say the least!!! They were such good buddies and we LOVED eating Mexican with Donald Ray and Donna! She & Donald Ray were the first babysitters for Gabby...AND the first to introduce Gabby to "people food" that's another FUNNY story! There are many sweet memories and I can't believe he is really gone! If you are reading this and you know or don't know the Turlingtons, please say a prayer for Donna, Donald Ray, Jr. and Blare. They lost their dad and father way too soon! Yesterday would have been Donald Ray's birthday and today would have been their wedding anniversary!!! Just doesn't seem FAIR! It makes me so sad and I wish I could take Donna's pain away! Thank goodness for their is getting them through each day! Squeeze the ones you love, we are not promised tomorrow!
We are blessed, this bug will pass and God is Good!

Dec 28, 2009

Blessed Christmas

HG tearing into presents
Santa left Miss Magic a Barbie 4-wheeler
Deedie painted this for HG. It is even more beautiful in person. It says "MAGIC" in Vietnamese

We had a blessed Christmas!!! I have tons of photos to upload and many thoughts to post...HG is under the weather with a my time is limited. I promise to post soon! Please say a prayer for's no fun feeling YUCKY!

Dec 24, 2009

Mary wrapped the 1st gift....for all to receive!

Merry Christmas Eve!  There are so many thoughts racing through my mind....the meaning of Christmas and how Mary wrapped baby Jesus in swaddling clothes for all the world to receive...I love the Christmas song "Mary did you know" it sums it all up...I'm remembering Christmas traditions that I've always cherished and will share with Little Miss Magic as she grows...Jason & I continue to add our own "little traditions" to share with her....Santa is coming tonight and she is going to be SO excited when she sees what he is bringing her!!! We are having Christmas Eve at our home and hosting my family...on Christmas day, we will see what Santa delivers (poor Santa has to compete with Nanny...he will NEVER win, sorry buddy)....then Christmas breakfast with the Cornwells, and Christmas evening with the Devines. That's a busy, full and BLESSED Christmas! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! I'm off to finish things up and get ready for tonight...May God bless your families!

Dec 18, 2009

Miss Magic LOVES the stage!!!


Little Miss Magic Spreading Holiday Cheer

This week has been a GREAT one!!! It's Friday night, the Christmas trees are on throughout the house and there is SNOW on the ground!!! This week has been incredibly busy for our little STAR! She had her Christmas Play at MMO

HG and Neleigh
and last night she had her DANCING DEBUT with Step-N-Out ...let me tell you...SHE WAS a COMPLETE HAM!!
She LOVES the stage!!! It's very evident! She had a BLAST!!! I hope we can find a way to load the's priceless! Hannah also danced with her hip hop class and her gymnastics team. She gets prettier everyday and is one talented girl! She is teaching hg everything she knows!
We are SO very blessed...I have presents to wrap so goodnight and enjoy the photos!
Here's a link for more....

Dec 14, 2009

It's Christmas Time....

WOW! We have been busy bees!!! I just realized it has been a week since I posted! So much has been going on in Miss Magic's life. It's Christmas time!!! Uncle Danny is still in the hospital and today is MUCH better than last week. Poor guy went from surgery, in and out of ICU....we have been praying and ask that everyone remember him in your prayers!! We would love for him to be able to be home and out of pain before Christmas! Here are a few happenings since last post.....
Jason & HG ran the Thunder Road 1/2 marathon in Charlotte this past weekend...*well, Miss Magic slept in the cozy jogger stroller like a big queen until mile 8* Abby, Jason's cousin ran as well and we had a great time spending some quality time with A & Josh.
On Sunday, HG & I went to Hunter & Hannah's play at church and she LOVED it! She sang, danced and ate goldfish the entire time! She would yell to them "hey Hannah", "Hey Tunter" that's what she calls sweet!
Hunter, Hannah & HG....then they took her on stage to sing AWAY IN A MANGER....
She still LOVES dance, and MMO and Ms. Alisha!!!! Here she is practicing her splits....she's a TOTAL rubberband
This week is a FULL one as well....we have her play at MMO and some other parties...and J & I had the chance to get out to a party as well *HG stayed the with Ms. Alisha and LOVED every minute!!!
God is GOOD and he continues to bless our lives abundantly!
Last but not's a photo of Christmas decorations that Julie "ELLA KATE DESIGN" and I put together *well I helped and followed instructions* for the BREAKING & ENTERING on the Ace & TJ Show....also go to their website for more photos. It was an amazing experience and I was happy to be Julie's ELF helper...there were lots of laughs and tears! I wish we could have seen that families eyes LIGHT UP when they returned home! It was a GREAT time and a reminder of what Christmas should really be about...helping others and sharing God's AMAZING gift!
Here are some photos from the radio station

Click here for more great photos of Christmas Happenings with Miss Magic!

Dec 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa Gene!

Happy Birthday Papa Gene!!! This month is an exciting one for Papa Gene...he is OLDER and he is retiring after many years of keeping automobiles on the road! For those of you who know know he stresses over NOTHING! Seriously, if the world could adopt his would be a happier place to dwell! He told me one time, "there were cars broke down before I came along, and they'll be cars broke down when I'm gone" SO TRUE! We are looking forward to celebrating his birthday/retirement soon!!!
AND WHAT ABOUT THOSE APP STATE MOUNTAINEERS!!!! WOO HOO!!!! One more game and they'll be playing in the National Championship game! If that happens, you know where we will be!!!

PLEASE continue to pray for Uncle Danny! He is still in pain and has a long recovery ahead!

Here's a link to some of the photos LUCY PARKER PHOTOGRAPHY captured at HG's 2nd birthday party! ENJOY!!!
Her new website is up and running, check it out
and Miss Magic is on her business cards!!!

Dec 4, 2009

Praying for Uncle Danny

Uncle Danny needs your prayers! He is in horrific pain! He's in the ICU trauma unit at CMC. He  fell off of his house while cleaning/leaf blowing! Thankfully, the next door neighbor saw him and called 9-1-1. He broke almost every bone, GOD bless him....femur, hip, ribs....what they didn't see right away was the extent of internal injuries! There are so many people praying for you Danny! We love you!

Hey Uncle Danny! I'm praying for you every night when I say my prayers...I say your last name really well! I love you and I hope Nanny can show you this from her blackberry in the ICU. Tell all the sick people in the Trauma ICU that I am MISS MAGIC and I am praying!

Nov 30, 2009

Magic dust everywhere you go...

Little Miss Magic...the 2 year old DRAMA QUEEN!
I feel so behind when it comes to much has been happening in Little Miss Magic's life! She is growing up (well she's acting like a very advanced 2 year old and she is getting taller...but still a little peanut...20 pounds with clothes, shoes and coat on)! HAHA! She is into everything these days and is a BUSY body!
Loves her new art station Nanny!She had her Thanksgiving program at MMO and she was the cutest Turkey ever! She really showed OUT when she saw Jason & I! It was so funny!!! She's a complete show-off!!! She still loves anything to do with music, she loves art and LOVES books...I could listen to her sweet voice "read" for hours.
... and STICKERS are a part of life...period!
She is SO independent that sometimes I wish she would chill a bit (I have no idea where she gets it?!) YEA RIGHT!  Her FAVORITE song for the Christmas season is Jingle Bells and each time it plays on her beautiful Carrousel that Scott & Krista gave her
she really gets into it!
Thanksgiving night, her high fever returned....the doctor confirmed the pneumonia was not completely clear....she was put back on meds and she is feeling GREAT great, that she decided to stay up ALL night LONG last night to sing, dance, ask for MILK (and she doesn't LIKE MILK)...I think Granny did it (they had a good time playing HAIR salon)??!!! Nice look on both of you dolls!
HG loves ANYTHING, nails, SHOES, bows....all that girlie stuff! And speaking of shoes, Lulu...she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her pink cowgirl boots!!! She wanted to take these photos just for you!
Check out my boots Lulu...yep, I'm still the wild HALLE-GRACE you know so wellOK, this one shows MY BOOTS and I'm serious about my fashion!
AND, below is my favorite photo from the "Christmas pics" I took of the three H's will find many more in the link below
ENJOY all the photos.....

Life with Miss Magic is MAGICAL for sure!!!