Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Jan 29, 2010


Looks like a serious conversation is taking place (haha)...such a blackberry, iphone (any type of phone) lover!

HG is truly "Little Miss Magic"! I LOVE LOVE LOVE snow...maybe because it was snowing the day I was born (many years ago)? When I was in college we had lots of snow...but since my college days, very little! Since Miss Magic came into our lives it SNOWS!!! Last March we had a big snow and we have LOTS of it on the ground now and it is STILL coming down! It started around 3pm today. Pictures coming soon:)

Praise Report...Mamaw Parker is home from the hospital and Nanny is taking GREAT care of her! They are snowed in too.
Prayer Request....Please keep Scott Thornburg in your prayers. Many of you know Scott. He received one of Jason's kidneys in September 2007. For whatever reason his levels are high! The doctors think his body could be rejecting? PLEASE PRAY they can alter the anti-rejection medications and get everything under control. Scott is in the hospital tonight and we ask you to please pray for him! "Scotty too Hotty", we LOVE you!!! You are in our thoughts and prayers buddy!