Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Mar 31, 2009

Halle-Grace's 1st Easter in the US

All of the "first" I really get into!! Easter cards arrived today and they are incredibly precious!! I will post one soon to share with all!
We are OVER flowing her 1st Easter basket! Halle-Grace can't read this so I can share... She is getting a personalized chair for "Noggin" watching...some Robeez

, SUPER ADORABLE clothes, and many other surprises to include a trip to Disney in May (well that is also my Mother's Day trip too and Jason needs to visit with GOOFY) PLUS, we get to see my great friend, Jennifer and I am SOOOO excited to meet Roman and Noah!!!!!!!!!!!

PRAISE THE LORD for many blessings include...Baby Carter is doing SO well!!! And, I am so happy that CAS and other TQ families are helping with the situation at the orphanage! We will do whatever to make sure those babies are well! I would personally love for the USCIS to get off their high horse and make some HUMANITARIAN changes....such as ALLOW us to ADOPT the children who need homes, medical care and LOTS OF LOVE!!! Continue to pray for these babies!!!

Mar 29, 2009

Halle-Grace says GO HEELS!!!


We are happy in the Devine home...the Tarheels won! How cool to have a National Championship Team this yearthe first March Madness for Halle-Grace and as much as the child LOVES to brush her teeth, she is bound to go to Dental School at Carolina! Honestly, she will brush her teeth for 15 minutes if you allow her too!
Enjoy the photos from today...outside, the wind was REALLY blowing but it felt great!!! I will load more's bedtime.

More Magic everyday!

We had an eventful weekend! Friday was Aunt Amy's birthday... Saturday was Papaw Ronnie's and his twin brother's birthday! We celebrated with the Cornwells and Halle-Grace entertained everyone! Lots of birthdays this weekend but she doesn't really dig cake? She does LOVE captain wafers, goldfish, cheerios and yogurt (if you can call that junk food??!!) Not what I consider junk food. Her dad LOVES sweets and I like everything!!!
Little Miss Magic had a photo shoot on Sat. and was too adorable for words. She modeled a beautiful pink sundress with a matching hat. We had a great time and her beauty amazes me!! Her personality is magical so she really just has us all wrapped!!! We enjoyed meeting baby Olivia and her parents during the shoot! Baby Olivia is a TRUE LITTLE BEAUTY herself! She is 6 months old and I know we will see her face on tons of advertisements! Olivia's mom was especially great with Halle-Grace and helped keep her focused:) That is a GREAT accomplishment by the way! Halle-Grace is ONE BUSY girl!

I have our Easter cards ordered and snapfish delivered over 500 I have LOTS of pics to place in albums! FUN FUN FUN!!! I love reading other blogs and have learned there are some REALLY talented photographers out there. At night (when I should be getting all the shut eye I can) I find myself reading my HENS blogs first...then I venture out there and LOVE finding other adoption blogs! It warms my heart and gives me a sense of "belonging" to the other families who have been blessed through the miracle of adoption. There are two blogs I have found that have spectacular pics and ONE day, I too will master my camera and get some SUPER FABULOUS photos. Don't get me wrong, Halle-Grace is beautiful regardless but I LOVE photography and I really want to be an expert someday!!! I think part of life (as an old adult..LOL) is continuing to learn and explore and master is a definite interest of mine! It is truly a learning experience. Working full-time makes it difficult to "play around" with pics a lot...I love my camera for the simple fact that it takes great photos without me having to do anything but aim, shoot! I have different lenses and there are TONS of settings that I want to learn more about so I can get all of the amazing "features" that really catch my eye...someday I will so stay tuned! The cool thing about photography is "personal style". You may like blonde hair and blue eyes, I love dark hair and dark eyes (I wonder why? HA) I LOVE asparagus and some people think it is not too tasty...the same with photos...not that the "subject" looks bad...I am talking about the look of the photo (effects, etc). The two blogs I mentioned above. I LOVE IT ALL!!!! So enough about pics for today, I should be learning about my camera and lens that Jason gave me...

TQ families are sending aide to the orphanage for the sick children. If you would like to help, I can get you the information for the contact person who is heading things up.

Mar 25, 2009

Take time to thank God for a healthy baby!

Halle-Grace had an excellent well check appointment. She is in the 2nd percentile of her weight category (which means nothing really because the doctor is not concerned and she looks and is VERY healthy)...She may always be a peanut:) She has grown over 2 inches and is doing really, really well. Thank God for our healthy baby girl who is such a blessing!!!

Now for the blow...I received a message concerning Halle-Grace's orphanage and the conditions there. There are MANY sick babies with pneumonia...some are hospitalized and at least one baby has died! It makes me angry! The USCIS made it SOOOOO incredibly hard for us to adopt Halle-Grace! The files I have would make your head spin off! WHY DOES THE "SYSTEM" make it SO HARD to give a child a loving home? These children could be with their forever families (like Halle-Grace is right now) BUT the MOU between the US and Vietnam came to an end on Sept. 1, 2008.

The problems that make me sick to my stomach go well beyond international adoptions too.... I have a friend right now who is a foster parent. The child(ren) were removed from their home based on neglect over a year ago! My friends are fighting the system to adopt! Why is this the case? Why do the children always suffer because of "adults" decisions?Please pray the "system" will begin putting the "CHILD" first! Our Gov. initiates programs coined "no child left behind" and so on.... What about the issues above? I DO NOT understand!

God, please soften the hearts that need to be softened! Those who can change policy, laws, rules, etc. and PUT the CHILD FIRST once and for all!

Mar 21, 2009

Hunter in the SPOTLIGHT

Hunter's basketball team won the county championship game today! He was so excited!!! Hunter is an awesome player! I can see him 6-7 years from now...he will be in the same league as Tyler Hansborough, and of course PLAY FOR THE TARHEELS...who are officially in the SWEET SIXTEEN!
So after his championship win, he came over with Hannah & Suzanne to play with "Little Miss Magic". They had a great time! Jason played guitar hero with them
and then they had a lot of fun with Wii fitness...hula hooping (notice Hannah is holding Halle-Grace AND hula hooping) skiing, Hannah loved yoga, and Hunter liked balance games and thought it was too cool when the tight rope dude took a plunge!! They helped me unlock more levels of fitness which is really nice!
Halle-Grace was really smitten with Hunter today! She loved him carrying her around!
I am SO ready to see them swim this summer. I have never looked so forward to warm weather in my life! If you know me well enough, you know I am still a "Boone girl" at heart and my blood loves the ASU weather. However, "little miss magic" makes me want to see the sun and feel the pool water get warm. I can't wait to teach her water babies and watch her play and swim all summer long! Next weekend is her photo shoot and we are really excited to see her "do her thing"...CHARM, CHARM, CHARM with her winning personality!
We are blessed!

Mar 19, 2009


Hannah tried out for cheerleading tonight...not only did she make the squad, she received the HIGHEST score! GO HANNAH!!! Halle-Grace wants to be "JUST LIKE YOU" so I need to order her a mini-uniform for football season! We are SO proud of you and love you SO MUCH!

Little Miss Magic is 16 months old today!

Where is the time going? Her magical personality makes the time go SO fast! So what did our 16 month old do today? She had a great day with Maa Maa & PaPa and Abby! They went to the park and rode the Carrousel and she loved every minute of it. This evening we sang, dance (she can tap her toes), read books and yelled as loud as we could (Jason loves when we do that..HA HA). She laughs ALL the time and loves to play hide & seek ! She is really into books and LOVES to hula hoop on the Wii fit with me. NOW, try holding 17.5 pounds and hula hooping for 10 minutes!!! That is a workout! Much more intense than you might think!
She sings and it is the funniest thing I have EVER witnessed! She really gets into it! We have to video her and get a link on here!
Her vocabulary is really expanding and she is a smart cookie! Show her something once and she does not forget! She sleeps well and LOVES southern cooking *if Maa Maa cooks it* her hair is growing like crazy and she really gets prettier everyday. She is VERY friendly and out-going and she NEVER meets a stranger!!! She has a magical personality for sure and LOVES being a ham!
Her bladder is too big for her tiny diapers! She is still in a size 2...SO, when she sleeps, she gets on her tummy and pulls her knees up under her body...the diaper gaps open and the result is a wet bed, wet pjs & wet Halle-Grace! Poor thing!
I have to tell you Jason's latest....he went shopping for flash cards for Halle-Grace and came home with the following: multiplication tables, Presidents of the United States, Geography maps...and such! I had to LAUGH!!!
I could go on & on about Halle-Grace and everything she does and discovers each day! Life is GREAT and God is GOOD!

Mar 14, 2009

Here's the cure for "anytime" blues!

Our funny girl! Enjoy the photos. As you can see, she is VERY active!

Mar 10, 2009

We love "spring forward"

The time change is great!!! It allows us time in the afternoon to take Halle-Grace outside and play and of course take some fabulous photos! This gallery you must check out. Once you click on the photo, it will take you to the photobucket site and ask about comments, click NO then you will be in the gallery...on the top right hand side, there is a button that says "slideshow" you can click on that option and watch the entire slideshow! She is definitely the LIGHT in our lives!
Mamaw Parker is home from the hospital but continue to pray that she heals completely! We want her to be able to watch Little Miss Magic learn to swim this summer. As soon as the weather permits, I will be teaching her "water babies" Everyday gets better! How is that possible? The greatest joy is hearing her sweet little voice say "mama" and she now calls Jason "papa" and he really likes that. We are SMITTEN!!!!!

Mar 8, 2009

Sunny day!

Today was a busy day for "Little Miss Magic". She went to Sunday School...then to Mamaw Devine's house where she played outside with many of her cousins who you will see in the gallery(she LOVES it outside)! We then visited with Mamaw Parker at the hospital. We pray she will heal soon!!! Hannah & Halle-Grace played in the grass and made laps around the 4th floor. Before we were out of the parking lot, "little miss magic" was sound asleep! I can already tell she is going to LOVE the spring and summer weather! THE FUN CONTINUES...enjoy the photos!

Mar 7, 2009

Halle-Grace's winning personality & charm

Halle-Grace was signed today by an agency...she is now officially employed! Her audition was......well 100% HALLE-GRACE! She was so funny! More news to follow...for now, paper work to read, sign, photo shoots, appts...FUN FUN FUN! She LOVES the spotlight for sure! Now, I just need to get Jason off CLOUD 10 because he skipped 9 when she was offered a contract on the spot! He is more excited than I ever imagined...too sweet!

Continue to pray for Mamaw Parker who remains in the hospital.

Mar 3, 2009

Hopefully Little Miss Magic can make Mamaw Parker feel BETTER!

The snow is melting...SO, Halle-Grace is not a "wait around" kind of girl! She is ready for the sunshine and pool weather! She has been trying out some of her many swimsuits for the season and taking some adorable photos to boot! She changes DAILY! She is saying a lot. I love (can't quite get the "you" out)...She says, "I don't know" really fast! And her new thing is to bring us book after book and climb her tiny self up in our laps and let us read (speed reader is in a lower gear for now. LOL)! This just melts my heart and even though there are millions of things I should be doing...I can't resist! There will come a day (too soon) that she will not climb into my lap and do this...SO bring on the books baby girl! Gosh, I LOVE this baby!!!

Sadly, Mamaw Parker was admitted to the hospital today! I have to work in SC tomorrow but Jason & Halle-Grace are going to go for a visit. I will have to visit her on Thursday unless I get home in time. I know she doesn't have the internet but YOU all do so please say a special prayer for her. Halle-Grace is blessed to have two great-grandparents and we send special prayers up for Mamaw Parker!!! God Bless her!

...guess who had her toes painted PINK???

Mar 1, 2009

SNOW just in time for Ollie's visit from FL....

The snow started this evening just as Halle-Grace was heading to bed. I can't wait for tomorrow to get her out in the white fluffy stuff and get some photos. Here is our pool this evening as it was snowing pretty good. Since then, I am certain we have 4 more inches!!!Ollie is in from FL. and visited today with beautiful gifts *she is SO talented* We are excited to spend some time with her this week.Blanket handmade by Ollie with Halle-Grace's name, birthday all on there

This beautiful blanket was handmade by Ollie's mom Cheerio of her favorite times everydayI am FINALLY home from Vegas and SO happy to be.
ALSO, Happy Anniversary to Granny & Papaw Devine who were married 40 years ago today. CONGRATS! (and it was snowing 40 years ago when they said "I do")