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Aug 30, 2010

A look back...2 years ago, Jason & I were preparing to meet our daughter!

This week we are celebrating FAMILY DAY! We adopted our sweet angel 2 years ago this Wed. Sept. 1st/ This week, I want to re-post my blog entries with comments and remember as we celebrate....

HELLO HANOI (posted on August 30, 2008)
We made it! We made the first BOO BOO! DO NOT RIDE IN A TAXI that is not listed as one!!! LOL. We have NO idea who brought us across town last night! We are safe but and are laughing about it now. It is pouring rain, we are hungry...going to eat breakfast...going apartment hunting (they may be closed until Wed.) so Halle-Grace will maybe get to help us pick out a place. Will type more as soon I can. HUNGRY! Upset that ASU did not win:( Happy to be in Halle-Grace's birth country and a day closer to seeing/holding/loving her for the rest of our lives!!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO

Love you all
Posted by Shannon Devine, "Miss Magic's Mama" at 8/30/2008

Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...
Thank God you are safe. So does that mean that I should stay at the airport until daytime or is my wonderful son-in-law going to get me. I am counting the hours that you call or e-mail that she is in your arms. God Bless you, Jason and Halle-Grace. I love you all.
halle-grace is pretty. I bet ya'll are happy that you hav her now.
By Lizzy love you

AND...the 2nd entry 2 years ago on this day