Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Apr 18, 2009

Hannah's Birthday Party

Copy & paste the above link to view pics taken at Hannah's birthday party! She had a great time and so did Halle-Grace despite the fact that she is on ANOTHER round of anti-biotics. We had to take her back to the doc on Friday and Dr. Binion said her ears were not completely another 10 days of anti-biotics! Obviously, she did not get to swim but she LOVED the pizza and took a bite of the cake (she is really not a sweet eater)! She danced and laughed the entire time and after we sang Happy Birthday to Hannah, HalleGrace continued to sing really loud her own version!Hannah racked up with gifts and money! When I was eight I remember getting maybe $5.00 and thinking WOW! Boy, how times change! LOL! I loved the fact that Hannah wanted a birthday cake with her photo on it! I love a lady with confidence!!!

The birthdays are beginning to be bitter-sweet for the little ones...I know it sounds crazy but it just goes to show they are GROWING UP way too fast! Hunter will be 12 in May (that's crazy)...Lizzy will be nine in November, Zoey 3 in December and Little Miss Magic will be TWO YEARS OLD before we know it!