Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Mar 28, 2010

Steven Curtis Chapman "Cinderella"...taking Miss Magic to see this Magical performance

To help advance Show Hope's mission of caring for orphans in distress, a star-studded cast is teaming up with the Nashville Symphony to present the classic musical, Cinderella. It will be a "one night only" concert performance without scenery but with colorful costumes, a flourish of makeup, a bit of dancing, and a good measure of magic.  Friday, May 14th 7:00 pm at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Nashville, TN
Show Hope's Presentation of Cinderella will feature:

Steven Curtis Chapman...Grammy and Dove award winning artist

The Nashville Symphony

Heather Headley - Fairy Godmother...Tony Award Winner from The Lion King

Jodi Benson - Queen....The Voice of The Little Mermaid

BeBe Winans - King...Grammy and Dove Award winning vocalist

Alli Mauzey - Cinderella....Glenda from Wicked on Broadway

Anthony Federov - Prince Christopher... Former American Idol finalist

Jake Speck - Lionel... Cast member of Jersey Boys on Broadway

Pass along this special $5 off offer to friends and family who may be interested in this amazing opportunity to show hope to orphans through this exciting event!

Purchase presale tickets and save $5 off of each ticket today using the promo code HOPE! Visit  to purchase tickets.
This exclusive presale promotion ends Friday, April 9. Tickets are available to the public on April 10.

Mar 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Amen and Papaw Ronnie

Today is Aunt Amen's birthday (that's what she calls Amy...too cute)!!! Tomorrow is Papaw Ronnie's birthday! Wishing you both Magical birthdays! We love you!

Mar 21, 2010

Is there anything more beautiful...Miss Magic & helping others in need

"Is there anything more beautiful" words from the photographers mouth...Miss Magic was once again in front of the camera Saturday morning. She jumped on the "gator" with Goolie (that's how she says Julie) Julie Abernathy with Ella Kate and Terra Bailey (Terra Bailey Photography) and off they went into the field. Here's a sneak peek of our tiny miracle! GOSH, she takes my breath away!!!
Terra Bailey, a photographer in Hickory, NC arranged "FAMILY FIELD DAY" and all proceeds, donations, etc went to the Safe Harbor Rescue Mission. They service women who have been is abusive relationships, homeless, single moms, etc. giving them HOPE!

Let Terra capture your magical moments!

Mar 17, 2010

Such an inspiration...

Halle-Grace with her great-grandmother Parker
My grandmother is very sick and her sweet body is so tired! I pray for peace and understanding and above all comfort for her. I don't want her to suffer. It's been a difficult week for my family but God continues to show His presence and for that I am so very thankful! Last night as Halle-Grace was going to bed (our routine is to say our prayers, sing songs, read a book...well maybe the reverse order) the sweetest thing came out of her mouth. "I want to see Mamaw Parker"! Sometimes she just calls her "Parker". She loves her and she knew something was different about last night....she didn't get to visit with her because HG has the pink eye (which is clearing up thanks to powerful eye drops).

My grandma Parker is an amazing, strong woman who truly inspires me! She's endured so much in her life...losing her mother before she was a teenager, losing her husband when she was only 47 years old, losing a child, a grandchild, most of her brothers and sisters that she practically raised...BELIEVE me, she is a remarkable woman who's legacy is BEAUTIFUL!!! I admire her! and I love her dearly! God gives me comfort in knowing that all of those she has lost....she will see again! His promise is beautiful! God Bless Mamaw Parker.

Mar 14, 2010

Only God knows when we will meet again...

Angela, you were taken so soon...but you fought the fight and tonight in heaven you have WON the prize!!! Thank you Lord for blessing this world with Angela for 37 years. We know she is with you and is finally at peace! Please continue to comfort us...until we meet again.....

I Have a Place in Heaven

Please don't sing sad songs for me,

Forget your grief and fears,

For I am in a perfect place

Away from pain and tears.

It's far away from hunger

And hurt and want and pride,

I have a place in Heaven

With the Master at my side.

My life on earth was very good,

As earthly life can go,

But Paradise is so much more

Than anyone can know.

My heart is filled with happiness

And sweet rejoicing, too.

To walk with God is perfect peace,

A joy forever new.

~ Author Unknown ~

Mar 5, 2010


Today marks a very special anniversary!!! March 5, 2008 is a day Jason & I will never forget for as long as we're alive! March 5, 2008 started out like any other day for me....until I received a phone call from Carolina Adoption Services. Nancy, our 2nd adoption coordinator, was calling to introduce Allie (our 3rd adoption coordinator)...why??? Why are we receiving a 3rd coordinator? for what reason??
What I didn't know was the NEWS Allie and Nancy had to share with that would change our lives FOREVER!!! I remember saying to Allie, "I hope you will be the last coordinator". That's when she spoke up and said, "I have some really exciting news...are you near your computer?" My heart fell to my feet as I said YES...WHY, WHAT...Do you have our baby???? I was already screaming before she could confirm. YES, SHE HAD HALLE-GRACE!!! Well, Hallegrace was in VN but she had our referral for HG! I couldn't believe my ears....and I could have never prepared my heart and eyes for the most beautiful sight!!!! I will never forget shaking as I hit the check mail button and opened the file with her photos! I thought I would just BUST WIDE OPEN! My heart went into some crazy fluttering freenzy....It was LOVE at first SIGHT!!!!!!!!!! I didn't believe in love at first sight until March 5, 2008. The love we felt for HG carried us through the months to come as we fought to bring our baby home! Jason told me along the way..."not bringing Halle-Grace home is NOT an option. We will fight for our daughter, we will bring her home". He was right...the fight to DC, all the emails, phone calls to elected officials, my HENS who I love dearly, family, friends and often strangers who heard about our journey.....all of you helped bring HG home! Thank you!!

Thank you God for the miracle of adoption, thank you for the miracle of Halle-Grace.

"Mamaw Parker I am praying for you everyday and I love you."

Thinking about adopting? Worried about where you'll find the funds?

Show Hope is a beautiful organization that helps make dreams come true for so many families! Please visit their website and take a look around. Their personal story will leave you crying, laughing...full of joy and hope.