Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Sep 21, 2009

Pre-school ROCKS!!! AND mama's adoption day gift

Life with Miss Magic is always TOO much fun! She is really into coloring these days and she LOVES pre-school and is learning so much...she's like a sponge! She spends 4 hours at pre-school 4 days a week and during that time they do the following....table activity, saying "good morning to friends", free center time, snack time, bible story with an activity, music and movement, art time, outside play (or gym if the weather is not so good), lunch time and book/story time.....that's a LOT in 4 hours! The moment she is in the car, she is FAST asleep!

Final thought for the day.....Halloween will be here before we know it! So, what will Miss Magic be this year??? I have NO idea! Last year she was a skunk and she is still a stinker...but what will she dress up like this year? Have any ideas? She is a PRINCESS anything else come to mind????

OH...and one more thing, for Miss Magic's adoption day celebration, I was presented with the MOST beautiful necklace that has a's a map of HG's birth place. On the back it has her adoption date engraved. I LOVE IT and I have had SO many curious comments about the necklace that lead to the best's a pic of it. You can probably see it on me in the photos as well. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Want one for yourself or for a special someone? M shared this link with me on etsy *the lady makes fabulous pieces...all so unique* the sellers name is DosBesitos.