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Nov 5, 2009

Fever Free Finally! God is GOOD!

WOW!!! What a week!!! Poor little Miss Magic...she has had a LONG week! Saturday she started feeling yucky and running a fever... barking like a seal. Sunday, Jason took her to the Children's Clinic while I was home sick with a "virus??"...she was diagnosed with "croup" prescribed a steriod and cough medicine and was back home....Monday, she continued to run a fever! We spent Monday night in the ER! HG was so funny. She couldn't figure out why everyone had on a mask...AND she called every "mature-aged" person "mamaw" or "papaw". Needless to say, even with a high fever she was still making friends and bringing smiles to peoples faces! At the ER, she was diagnosed with croup + viral bronchitis/bad viral upper respiratory infection! Poor Jason had to take care of two sick girls all Sunday night....and Monday night....then Tuesday night Ms. Alicia came to visit Miss Magic! She is the sweetest!!! She brought HG a get well balloon and a teddy bear that talks to her about getting better! SO SWEET! We love Ms. Alicia!!!
During her visit, HG literally turned GREEN and had a bad tummy disaster spell! Thank goodness for Dr. G two doors down! She was so sweet and made a "house visit" it was sorta like watching "Little House on the Prairie"!!! She said probably H1N1? enterovirus? but her major concern was the viral turning bacterial and into pneumonia. She told us the next 24 hours would be the "tell sign"....SO, after another high fever, another house call last night from Dr. G...I drove to the pharmacy for some high powered antibiotics....Miss Magic is finally FEVER free tonight and fighting double pneumonia like a CHAMP!!! She is SO loved and blessed! I don't think my inbox can hold another email and my phone has been text happy! THANKS to everyone who cares so much about the most precious little girl on earth!!! Continue to pray that her little body will continue to respond to the medication and get well SOON!!! Tonight she felt like playing "10" that's what she calls "hide and go seek" SHE LOVES that game! She loves for me or J to hide and when she finds us....well, you would think she had just spotted a million dollars! TOO CUTE!
With all the excitement, I haven't had a chance to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LULU!!! She was 2 on the 3rd! We love you Lulu!!! And congrats to T for winning the election!!!