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Feb 27, 2011


Hannah is crowned Tiny Miss West Lincoln

And...the tradition continues! On Saturday, my nieces, Hannah, Lizzy & Zoey competed in their first pageant! Hannah approached me in January and told me she would like to enter. Lizzy and Zoey were on board within a few days as well :) I allowed the girls to select their own dresses and made them promise to make a commitment to prepare, practice, and above all...have a GREAT attitude about the day, regardless of the outcome! Of course, I think they are absolutely adorable, beautiful, and they are WINNERS...not only in pageantry but in LIFE!  I seriously was blown away by their performances on Saturday! They were little PROS and each one had a fantastic time! I enjoyed every step of the journey and loved getting them prepared before and on pageant day!
Zoey (4) was 1st runner up in her age division (4-6 years)
and the Photogenic Winner

My favorite girls....Hannah, Halle-Grace, Zoey and Lizzy

Lizzy was 2nd runner up in her age division.
Silly little girls

Hannah, the new Tiny Miss Queen

Zoey's winning Photogenic Picture...taken by Aunt Shannon :)

Halle-Grace had a BLAST supporting her cousins!
They are all winners in my eyes! So proud of you girls!! Love you all!

Feb 13, 2011

Little Ones Magazine

Halle-Grace's 3rd Birthday is featured in Little Ones Magazine
A big thanks to everyone who made this day "practically perfect in every way". Cynthia, you were the BEST Mary Poppins EVER!!! Chance, your talent blows me away! You know how to PLAN a party! The decorations were absolutely amazing! Monica, your cakes get better every year and this one truly took the cake...and Jason, you were a HUGE help making sure the candy apples were ordered, the food ordered and delivered, the Mary Poppins soundtrack was PERFECT for the Carousel rides, and everything else you did helped make HG's 3rd birthday celebration a JOLLY HOLIDAY!

Feb 12, 2011

Tet 2011

We had such a GREAT time at the Tet 2011 party in Winston Salem and the highlight was OF COURSE having Lulu, Mer & Tim as our guests for the weekend.
Beauty Salon is now open for business...enter at your own risk!!!
SWEET Memories!