Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Aug 17, 2009 now more than designs for Miss too!

When I win the lottery...I know exactly what I am going to do!!! I will take pictures of Little Miss Magic DAILY and post them! I am SO inspired and LOVE this blog The mom is amazing with her camera! I love her work and she has now turned it into a go girl! Speaking of LUCY...I have an amazing friend, Lucy Parker Randall who is the MOST creative person I know!!! And since I will never win the lottery *ha ha* she is officially HIRED for life to capture HalleGrace's most amazing moments!

Lucy owns "WINK BABY"! I know you have seen some of her fabulous clothes/bows and designs on HalleGrace! Well, she has started a photography business & she is SUPER fabulous! Check her out!!! But don't try to book the days I already have!! LOL! I AM SOOOOO excited to get all the winks we can get!