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Aug 9, 2011

July Happenings...August coming soon if we can slow down :)

I am the worst blogger ever lately!!! We have been going NON-STOP since the summer started. Working, traveling, working some more, traveling some get the picture! I feel horrible that I have not posted in almost two months! Since last post, we have been to Chicago for the 2011 Mrs. International Pageant, Halle-Grace's social calendar is too complicated to even post...we have been to Nanny's beach house, and countless other include our new home away from home :)
These photos were taken over the 4th of July at Nanny's beach house & during the Southport Parade where Miss Magic was estatic to see Hailey Best, Miss NC...who she calls her "Miss-a, Miss-a, Miss-a AMERICA"! Too cute for words. I will post more photos soon...again sorry for my lack in keeping the blog up! HG is cuter than ever, still sprinking her magic dust wherever she goes, a social butterfly, loves to swim, play pretend, boss everyone around (haha), and she LOVES to sing and dance. She's even making up her own songs now! lol....until next post, BE BLESSED!

Miss Magic & Hailey (Miss NC)