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May 25, 2009

Miss Magic is Home Sweet Home

Halle-Grace had the time of her life at the beach!!! Honestly, she was not too excited to see her's the Nanny "spell" I have told you about before! I am going to upload some photos to photobucket and leave a link tomorrow...for now, I have posted a few of our "bikini babe" in May 2009 vs. May 2008! Our tiny miracle is becoming a "little lady"! We are incredibly blessed! Thanks Nanny, Papa Gene, Suzanne, Mike, Hunter and Hannah for entertaining Halle-Grace and taking her to the beach (well Nanny didn't really give us a choice..LOL)! We love you all! Check back for more photos....Good Night!

Halle-Grace MAY 2009 (Home Sweet Home)

Halle-Grace, MAY 2008 (TQ, VN)