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Apr 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter 2009 had an early start this year with a beautiful gift from Granny and Papaw Devine...they came over on Saturday and planted a red dogwood in honor of HalleGrace. It is beautiful!
EASTER DAY! WOW what a day of fun and excitement for Little Miss Magic! Her first Easter with her forever family! It was a very special day for many reasons. #1: Easter is the most beautiful holiday and celebration of life and the ultimate sacrifice that our Lord & Savior chose to give us hope for tomorrow! #2: Jason & I and now our princess, HalleGrace have the most loving family anyone could ever dream of! #3: You know I had to have the day planned with many outfits and bows for HalleGrace. She is such a beautiful baby and we are NUTS over her!
Since she was diagnosed with "double ear infections" on Friday we decided to not take her out in the cold weather this morning for Sunrise Service (I know this was the best decision) cold wind on her ear..NO WAY!
We had lunch at Mamaw Carolyn's house and she invited the entire family (Suzie, Mike (who HalleGrace SIMPLY adores), Hunter, Hannah, Mama Wanda, Papa Gene, Papaw Ronnie, Kay Kay, Mamaw Parker and Christy and her family). When we pulled up the "paparazzi" attacked our car wanting to see who could be the FIRST to get their hands on HalleGrace! It is so funny to watch grown adults go nutty over a child! Hunter & Hannah were right in there with them. I over heard Hannah say "HalleGrace, it's your favorite cousin, Hannah"! It is a riot and you should just witness it someday! The kids had an Easter egg hunt and Hunter and HalleGrace won by a long shot. Hunter is wonderful with her! He is so gentle and kind and she LOVES him.

You would have thought it was the child's birthday!!! She received CASH, clothes, a new riding toy and the list goes on & on....but like Mike Turner told me a long time ago, "you can't tell the grands to not do it because they will anyway"! LOL. Besides, if it brings them joy...then GO FOR IT!!!
For dinner we traveled to Mamaw Devine's house where we saw ALL the cousins and children. That place is always crawling with little ones which makes it a ton of fun! HalleGrace was especially smitten with her aunt Amy tonight. I guess she is tired of Amy's brother (JASON, her dad) smothering her! LOL!!! That man LOVES his baby girl but it is really adorable and I wouldn't want it any other way! There was an Easter egg hunt but the sun was already going down and the wind was just too chilly (with the ears) so we played in doors with everyone.
Overall it was a GREAT EASTER DAY! Thank God for his MOST AMAZING GIFT!!! May we never forget what this day truly represents! We are incredibly blessed!
(I will post pictures as soon as I get them loaded)
If you are reading this and you were part of the festivities today with us...if I forgot anything PLEASE add it to the comment section, so HalleGrace will be able to read it someday!

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Granny planting HalleGrace's RED dogwood tree