Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

May 18, 2009

May 19th...Little Miss Magic is 18 months old!

Where is time going??? My baby girl is growing up! She is FINALLY wearing a size 3 in diapers!!! It is nice to not read "new baby" on her pack of diapers! LOL. She is our tiny miracle...we have said so from the very beginning. I can't imagine life without Halle-Grace! She is SO much fun and she is TALKING UP A STORM!!! She says "good girl" a lot. I guess she thinks she is a good girl?? She also says OK and alright and if we say "ready, set"....she screams GO!!!!! She also counts to 3 and knows music very well. She knows when to chime in on certain songs *the chorus section* SHE'S a funny girl!
SHE LOVES the the pool is already a hit!!!
We took a tiny dip but just practicing her kicks for her "water babies" lessons. I am excited to watch her learn to swim. I taught so many other children during my college days so its really exciting to be able to teach Little Miss Magic!!!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day and BE SAFE! Please continue to pray for Preston Loyd!

Take time to count your blessings AND smell the roses!