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Dec 15, 2011

Miss Magic is 4

Thank you Shane Greene Photography for capturing some great memories from Halle-Grace's 4th Birthday Party...


Dec 4, 2011

I cannot believe it is DECEMBER! Miss Magic is already 4 years old....

Holy Moly! I am the most horrific blogger alive! Poor Miss Magic! Well, poor mommy! lol! Listen, this FOUR YEAR OLD keeps me hopping! She is the SOCIAL butterfly and we stay on the go at all times! Since last much has happened in the life of HG! She was a flower girl in Ashley's wedding and she LOVED every minute of being the "bride" for the day!

Halle-Grace also celebrated her 4th birthday with her friends & family...I will post the photographers photos as soon I have a free minute (check back in 2 months...haha) seriously, I will do better in 2012. This year has been SO SO busy! Here are some pics from her 4 year old bash! Until next entry, remain blessed!

Sep 18, 2011

Soccer Star

The TIGERS coached by Coach C :)

Aug 31, 2011

Happy Family Day #3

My post on Adoption Day....Sep 1, 2008

SHE IS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!
 She is funny, laughs A LOT! Is a complete SHOW OFF in the restaurant and wants ALL eyes on her! I have no idea where she got the idea of "being a ham" comments! LOL!
She found the mirror and loves it! She sleeps just like her mom....all over the bed! She also found Vietnamese cartoons on TV and yelled at them forever!!! Everyone loves on her when we are out! They all say "BIG EYES"! She is just amazing!!! I can't begin to describe... God has revealed HIS perfect plan! She is OUR DAUGHTER and He has always known exactly when, where & how he would bring us together!

Happy Adoption Day Halle-Grace!

Looking back 3 years ago

Posted by Jason on Aug 31, 2008

Hours Away...

Wow, what a night...Who would have thought Shannon would have slept so well and I was the one up all night. So many things even within the wee hours of the morning have transpired. We even just got off the phone with Michelle Bond from State Department who wished us well and congratulated us on our tiny miracle.She said she feels we have done everything we could have done to answer the RFEs. I took from that it is simply now a matter of time to get our approvals.
There are so many things I want to say that I will keep this brief and add when we return this evening. Currently I am afraid of shorting out the computer as I type a few words and then dry my eyes, type a few words and wipe my nose.
We are going to get our daughter...even now, saying and typing the words seems surreal. It has been way too long in coming. But nothing worth having comes easy, and nothing in this world is worth more than "our tiny miracle." I pray I will bless her in her life half as much as she has already blessed me...and I have yet to hear her for the first time say, "I love you daddy!" Wow, talk about melting a heart. It is already a molten pile of goo...
More to come later today. For now, thanks for the emails, thoughts and prayers. God bless you all. We love you!

3 years ago...our lives were changed forever in TQ Vietnam

3 years ago, we were in Vietnam...scared to death, in complete culture shock...but all of those feelings were completely vanished when we held our tiny miracle for the first time!

Aug 9, 2011

July Happenings...August coming soon if we can slow down :)

I am the worst blogger ever lately!!! We have been going NON-STOP since the summer started. Working, traveling, working some more, traveling some get the picture! I feel horrible that I have not posted in almost two months! Since last post, we have been to Chicago for the 2011 Mrs. International Pageant, Halle-Grace's social calendar is too complicated to even post...we have been to Nanny's beach house, and countless other include our new home away from home :)
These photos were taken over the 4th of July at Nanny's beach house & during the Southport Parade where Miss Magic was estatic to see Hailey Best, Miss NC...who she calls her "Miss-a, Miss-a, Miss-a AMERICA"! Too cute for words. I will post more photos soon...again sorry for my lack in keeping the blog up! HG is cuter than ever, still sprinking her magic dust wherever she goes, a social butterfly, loves to swim, play pretend, boss everyone around (haha), and she LOVES to sing and dance. She's even making up her own songs now! lol....until next post, BE BLESSED!

Miss Magic & Hailey (Miss NC)