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Jul 19, 2009

LITTLE MISS MAGIC is 20 Months old...then & now

THEN (Last July in TQ)

NOW (Home forever)

Yes, I know I have been a horrible blogger…but its summer time and every chance I get, I want to be playing with Little Miss Magic! We swim a lot and she LOVES being outside so there’s not a lot of time. Once it gets colder, you’ll get more blog entries. I still take photos of her ALL the time!!! She is a TON OF FUN these days!!! She is talking in phrases and she still LOVES to sing and dance. She is so smart and her beauty truly takes my breath away! I can’t thank God enough for the blessing of HG! She is the most amazing little girl! She definitely has my personality and my attitude :O

Last year at this time, we received photos and she was beginning to crawl. I knew it would not be much longer and God was already tapping my shoulder saying "it's OK...GO! (Stay tuned to the blog for the rest of the story)....

Today, one year later, she is VERY vibrant and independent little girl who wants to do it HER WAY! I think this is a sign of a leader but sometimes I tell her the best is to be a little of both (leader and follower) but yet, I don’t live by my own advice?! My mom loves it…she says I’m getting a small dose of what it was like to raise me…my dad on the other hand says HG is a drop in the bucket compared to me!!! LOL. By now, everyone has heard my dad tell the story about me pulling the sink off the wall at the beach (I think I was about 2). He also tells me that when they went to a restaurant they ate in “shifts” because otherwise I made such a scene that no one remembered what they ate! I’m sorry I was so bad as a baby but I hope they think I’m a pretty cool adult

Everyone still says she looks like Jason everywhere we go and she is a DADDY’S GIRL for sure! He is so amazing with her! You would just have to witness to believe!

She loves to swim but even more, she loves for you to dunk her under the water??? Most kids don’t enjoy that but she is a little wild woman! She has been to the beach, to Vacation Bible School and so many other fun places. She can turn a flip, AND she is going “pee pee” on the potty at least once a day! She shows interest in so many things.

Her toy room is taking on a whole new look. She is totally finished with all of the “infant/toddler” type toys. She loves her kitchen and cooks a lot, she also likes to color and she is now playing more with her dolls and she loves Elmo. She likes to be the boss (I told her that is neither a game nor a toy theme…)

She is the most amazing blessing ever!!! May we NEVER forget to give God ALL the Glory for what he has done and will continue to do in her life and for our family!

Jul 5, 2009

July 4th

Spending time with Nanny, Papa Gene, Aunt Suzie, Uncle Mike, Hunter, Hannah at OAK ISLAND!

At the Southport Parade with Miss North Carolina, Katherine Southard