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Aug 3, 2012

Summer 2012


PreK is just around the corner

It is SO hard to believe that Miss Magic will be starting PRE-K in a few weeks! She is SO excited! She has her big girl book bag and is already playing school. Her imagination these days will BLOW your mind :) She loves to play "store" where she takes most of her clothes from her closet and sells them to us! HA! She is still a dancer, singer & little artist! She LOVES to swim & her social calendar stays FULL :) Here are a few photos of our tiny miracle

Daddy & Miss Magic

Sweet girl

She loves to stunt in the pool! Odyssey Cheer

Nanny has made her a BEACH BUM

Point those toes HG

Loves playing dress up! LOL

Mommy & Miss Magic 
Shopping with Gabby & Bella

Her BIG girl school book bag :)