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Apr 30, 2009


Please pray for our friend's 4 year old, Preston Loyd. Preston was ran over by a lawn mower. Here is their Caring Bridge link

Preston's dad, Ashton, has his testimony from this past Sunday posted on the link as well "Ashton Loyd's Testimony" want to talk about POWERFUL!!! WOW!!! Please take the time to listen to their story and PRAY...tell everyone you know to pray! I have goose bumps as I type at the outpour of love and prayers around the WORLD!

Join the prayer warriors and pray little Preston through!

"do you smell what I smell?"

That would be "rotten"! My child is rotten!!! Nanny had her Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. Jason had a scholarship interview in Winston Salem and I was on the road from sun up to sun down (the drive was beautiful to Frankin, Sylva, etc) and I ALWAYS love seeing my accounts up there!! SO, Halle-Grace returns home with a new PRINCESS PINK table and chairs perfect for the pool (thanks to Nanny).
It is really cute! We have it on the deck for now and Halle-Grace is already enjoying having snack out there as you can see. Thanks mom for all of your help. This week has been very busy and Monday I was REALLY sick feeling. Jason had to go to school because next week he will be finished until the fall...I was literally throwing up and scared I had that flu mess...Halle-Grace would pretend she was throwing up too! Like I said, she is rotten!!! I feel 100% better now! We are ready to SWIM!!! BYE BYE till next post

Apr 27, 2009

How our baby girl has grown!!!

Halle-Grace in the orphanage, April 2008

Halle-Grace at home, April 2009


Sunny days...even brighter with some "magic" around!

Halle-Grace is so much fun these days. She absolutely LOVES it outside and is definitely a "spring/summer" kind of girl! She stayed with Nanny this weekend and they surprised Hannah on Friday at lunch! Thursday was Hannah's birthday so they went to her school and celebrated...then to the park...and I am sure to Wal-mart! LOL
They planted flowers and watered them and she had the best time! Jason had a 20 page research paper and I had business in Alabama so thank you Nanny for entertaining "miss magic". I know it was a daunting task...HA HA HA!!! This morning she was off to MMO and looked like a little girl...she is not a baby anymore:(
Have a blessed day!

Apr 23, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday HANNAH!

Today is Hannah's 8th Birthday!!! We started the day by calling Hannah and singing to her! Halle-Grace was into the "DAY" part of the song!

We hope you had a super birthday!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!

Apr 19, 2009

17 months old today!

Time is flying by and I can't seem to make it stand still! Our baby girl is beginning to not be a "baby" at all! It is sad but at the same time I love watching her develop new skills and say new things and with the growing...the noise level is getting louder as well! If she decides she wants to pursue a career in film...HORROR movies will be great. She has the highest pitch blood curling scream you have heard! Seriously!

She gets cuter & more adorable by the day! Jason & I made a list of everything Little Miss Magic is doing at 17 goes:

Halle-Grace is saying:
Mama, Papa, Bye Bye (with a high pitch in her voice that is really sweet & southern), Hi, UH OH (her favorite), ooo la la (as she flips her hair), NO (her nose scrunches), touchdown(sounds like tadawn), OH NO (with her hands on her face), I don't know (with her hands out and a confused look..sounds like I da nO), I love ME (she forgets the "you" part now HA HA) and she loves to say, "TADA"...she also says "wow wow" because of a show she watches on Noggin. Her favorite shows on Noggin are Wow Wow Wubbzy, Yo Gabba Gabba, Ni Hao, Kai-lan and she loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and has a crush on Handy Manny on the Disney Channel!!! She also loves to watch American Idol!

She dances ALL the time regardless of when, where, etc. She has some incredible moves...and she taps her toe and points it!! I found out I can put her in dance with Ms. Jada when she is 2! She can do a flip (roll over) and she can sit in a split (she is incredibly flexible)...which means gymnastics will be a strength. She makes sounds like a monkey and scratches under her arms (her dad taught her this)!
She does patti-cake and really ROLLS it up! She makes "spanky face" and she gets really excited about everything and will open her mouth as wide as she can!
She gives kisses right on the lips and blows them too with EMPHASIS...she says MUAH really loud!
She LOVES to sing!!! She does this really loud as well. I don't know what she is saying most of the time but she will throw her head back and shake it like she is really getting into the lyrics of her song! The two songs I can identify are "rock a bye baby" & "Happy Birthday". She will rock the glider or her little rocking chair and say "bye bye" and has the tune...followed by a lot of other words that I can't quite make out! She sings "happy birthday" REALLY LOUD... you can hear the "DAY" very easily and for some reason she sings "happy birthday" in a much lower key than other songs???
She loves to run with Jason. She will go over to the jogger stroller and literally climb in. They are quite the team and she is a daddy's girl! He is really wrapped and acts WEIRD now! I guess that's what little girls do to their dads (even though she calls him PAPA...I don't know why?)
Her feet are growing! She is still in a size 2 diaper so I guess she will have a tiny rear and big feet?! She is getting taller as well so 12 month clothing for height is great! By summer, I am sure she will be able to wear 12 months in all clothes (if not, we will have to do some alterations)!
She is incredibly friendly and talks to EVERYONE! She continues to reach for people in public that she DOES NOT know and almost cries like "please take me"...I look at the total stranger and say, "I promise I don't beat her, she is just really friendly"!!! How embarrassing! LOL!

She LOVES to be outside and she loves Italian and lasagna are her favorites! She also loves meat and prefers meat over other items on her plate!

She is a CHARACTER to say the least and very MAGICAL!

Apr 18, 2009

Hannah's Birthday Party

Copy & paste the above link to view pics taken at Hannah's birthday party! She had a great time and so did Halle-Grace despite the fact that she is on ANOTHER round of anti-biotics. We had to take her back to the doc on Friday and Dr. Binion said her ears were not completely another 10 days of anti-biotics! Obviously, she did not get to swim but she LOVED the pizza and took a bite of the cake (she is really not a sweet eater)! She danced and laughed the entire time and after we sang Happy Birthday to Hannah, HalleGrace continued to sing really loud her own version!Hannah racked up with gifts and money! When I was eight I remember getting maybe $5.00 and thinking WOW! Boy, how times change! LOL! I loved the fact that Hannah wanted a birthday cake with her photo on it! I love a lady with confidence!!!

The birthdays are beginning to be bitter-sweet for the little ones...I know it sounds crazy but it just goes to show they are GROWING UP way too fast! Hunter will be 12 in May (that's crazy)...Lizzy will be nine in November, Zoey 3 in December and Little Miss Magic will be TWO YEARS OLD before we know it!

Apr 14, 2009

US Congressman visits "Little Miss Magic"

Halle-Grace & US Congressman McHenry

Today Halle-Grace had a surprise visit from Congressman Patrick McHenry!!! He is an amazing representative and he stood by us 100% during the RFE process and eventually made sure that Halle-Grace made it home! We are forever grateful for Congressman McHenry and his amazing staff. He made the adoption a "personal issue" and he TRULY cares about his people!!! Halle-Grace loved him!!!

She LOVES her new's a hit and the Congressman thought so as well!

Apr 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter 2009 had an early start this year with a beautiful gift from Granny and Papaw Devine...they came over on Saturday and planted a red dogwood in honor of HalleGrace. It is beautiful!
EASTER DAY! WOW what a day of fun and excitement for Little Miss Magic! Her first Easter with her forever family! It was a very special day for many reasons. #1: Easter is the most beautiful holiday and celebration of life and the ultimate sacrifice that our Lord & Savior chose to give us hope for tomorrow! #2: Jason & I and now our princess, HalleGrace have the most loving family anyone could ever dream of! #3: You know I had to have the day planned with many outfits and bows for HalleGrace. She is such a beautiful baby and we are NUTS over her!
Since she was diagnosed with "double ear infections" on Friday we decided to not take her out in the cold weather this morning for Sunrise Service (I know this was the best decision) cold wind on her ear..NO WAY!
We had lunch at Mamaw Carolyn's house and she invited the entire family (Suzie, Mike (who HalleGrace SIMPLY adores), Hunter, Hannah, Mama Wanda, Papa Gene, Papaw Ronnie, Kay Kay, Mamaw Parker and Christy and her family). When we pulled up the "paparazzi" attacked our car wanting to see who could be the FIRST to get their hands on HalleGrace! It is so funny to watch grown adults go nutty over a child! Hunter & Hannah were right in there with them. I over heard Hannah say "HalleGrace, it's your favorite cousin, Hannah"! It is a riot and you should just witness it someday! The kids had an Easter egg hunt and Hunter and HalleGrace won by a long shot. Hunter is wonderful with her! He is so gentle and kind and she LOVES him.

You would have thought it was the child's birthday!!! She received CASH, clothes, a new riding toy and the list goes on & on....but like Mike Turner told me a long time ago, "you can't tell the grands to not do it because they will anyway"! LOL. Besides, if it brings them joy...then GO FOR IT!!!
For dinner we traveled to Mamaw Devine's house where we saw ALL the cousins and children. That place is always crawling with little ones which makes it a ton of fun! HalleGrace was especially smitten with her aunt Amy tonight. I guess she is tired of Amy's brother (JASON, her dad) smothering her! LOL!!! That man LOVES his baby girl but it is really adorable and I wouldn't want it any other way! There was an Easter egg hunt but the sun was already going down and the wind was just too chilly (with the ears) so we played in doors with everyone.
Overall it was a GREAT EASTER DAY! Thank God for his MOST AMAZING GIFT!!! May we never forget what this day truly represents! We are incredibly blessed!
(I will post pictures as soon as I get them loaded)
If you are reading this and you were part of the festivities today with us...if I forgot anything PLEASE add it to the comment section, so HalleGrace will be able to read it someday!

Copy & paste this link to view the beginning of the Easter 2009 Album...
Granny planting HalleGrace's RED dogwood tree

Apr 10, 2009

Double yuck!

The 5K is off for Halle-Grace and Jason. She has a double ear infection! She had a runny nose on Wed. and last night was running a low grade fever...with the Easter Holiday weekend starting I wanted to get her to the doctor ASAP just in case! Dr. Binion said she was at the "beginning" of the double ear infection stage and has a yucky cold but luckily it was not full blown! She is on antibiotics and is not acting like her normal "wild" self! Right now she is watching Dora and seems to be in an OK mood. Hoping she can rest peacefully tonight and get better SOON...HERE COMES PETER COTTON TAIL!

Apr 8, 2009

Little Miss Magic's Charm

Copy & paste the link below to view the entire gallery!

Apr 6, 2009

April is a Month of Milestones for Halle-Grace (posted by Jason)

We are only six days into the month and already Halle-Grace is having several mile-stones.
To begin with she went to her first live production, PLAYHOUSE DISNEY last night. Dad was not able to go and believe me I never thought I would be disappointed to not be able to go see Mickey, Minney and the crew but last night was a bummer for me. Shannon came home with camera in hand and grinning from ear to ear talking about the time Halle-Grace had and showing off the many pictures from the night. Halle-Grace was still on a high herself and just bee-bopping all over the house. Needless to say, she went to bed shortly and was GONE. Now prior to going, if truth be told Halle-Grace was ever so slightly a little partial to me. AFTERWARD, Daddy who??? She was all over Shannon. They definitely bonded last night. Bittersweet. I love when Halle-Grace reaches for me, but I am just as excited when she and Shannon get to do the mother daughter thing.

So, this morning I was able to climb back into Halle-Grace’s good-graces, even if just a little, when I took her to her first day of Mother’s Morning Out (should be called PARENT’S Morning Out, but that is another entry).

For most kids this could be a bad/scary experience, not Halle-Grace. Little miss social butterfly all but pushed me out of the place this morning. I am still looking for the little footprint on my rear which is sure to be there from her kicking me out the door. But on the bright side, being the one dropping her off allowed me to climb back in to her good-graces ever so slightly. However, that was short lived as I was also the one to pick her up 4 hours later. You know it really does a parent well to have their own child cry for someone they have known for one morning when it is time to go!!!! Believe it or not that is exactly what happened this afternoon when I picked her up. When I first arrived I peaked in through the window to watch Halle-Grace running to and fro, pointing at other children and babbling up a storm. When I decided to walk in she didn’t miss a beat and continued playing while I called for her. When I finally picked her up she tried her best to crawl over my shoulder to one of her teachers. Too bad for her I am stronger than she is and held tight. She was disappointed but had to come home with me. The good-graces I had regained this morning quickly disappeared. Halle-Grace's artwork...she can glue and un-glue if you can SEE what I mean
Once we got home she morphed in to a limp dishrag. As I put her into the crib she was OUT. After checking on her again, 90 minutes after laying her down, she still had not moved an inch from the position she went down in. I would not be surprised if she sleeps until tomorrow morning after this day. She is zapped.
And if you are wondering, the ladies at the MMO asked me to never bring her back. Yeah right! Actually she was described as an athletic thief. Apparently when it was gym time Halle-Grace sprinted repeatedly from one end of the gym to the other only stopping when her pants, which were a little long on her, would trip her up. She then got right back up and started at it again. The thief part is applicable because I was told she stole everyone’s hearts over there. I have to say I am not surprised, in fact I would have been shocked to have heard anything less than stellar as a report. Now the only thing to figure out is if she does so much running on her own is, on Saturday for our first 5K do I run with her in the stroller or let her push me???


Apr 4, 2009

Spring Fever

After much rain over the last few days (which we really needed) Halle-Grace was super excited to play outside all day!!! Enjoy the photos!

Halle-Grace's 1st 5K

Halle-Grace has officially entered her 1st 5K!! I am being serious! Even though she will be in the luxury of her jogger stroller, Jason will be running in the "RUN FOR GLORY" next Saturday, April 11th at Flint Hill Church in Boiling Springs, NC (near Gardner Webb). Come on out and support "TEAM DEVINE"! They just returned from a training ride and they both did great! The 5K should be a breeze for both of them!
Stay tuned I will post photos!


If you have a special little girl in your life, you MUST visit this It is super fabulous! So unique for your princess needs! Lucy and Dawn's talent is one-of-a-kind and SO unique and they work on any budget! She is currently designing an "Asian theme playroon" for Halle-Grace and I am SOOOOO excited! I am going through Halle-Grace's closet to find consistent color "themes" so I can order spring/summer hair bows...gotta have a few of the personalized headbands (Lulu needs one too along with Saige and all the TQ princesses)! You can probably tell I LOVE personalized items so this is MY KIND of place! Stay tuned and visit their site today to shop for your special little princess!