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Mar 1, 2009

SNOW just in time for Ollie's visit from FL....

The snow started this evening just as Halle-Grace was heading to bed. I can't wait for tomorrow to get her out in the white fluffy stuff and get some photos. Here is our pool this evening as it was snowing pretty good. Since then, I am certain we have 4 more inches!!!Ollie is in from FL. and visited today with beautiful gifts *she is SO talented* We are excited to spend some time with her this week.Blanket handmade by Ollie with Halle-Grace's name, birthday all on there

This beautiful blanket was handmade by Ollie's mom Cheerio of her favorite times everydayI am FINALLY home from Vegas and SO happy to be.
ALSO, Happy Anniversary to Granny & Papaw Devine who were married 40 years ago today. CONGRATS! (and it was snowing 40 years ago when they said "I do")