Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Mar 5, 2010


Today marks a very special anniversary!!! March 5, 2008 is a day Jason & I will never forget for as long as we're alive! March 5, 2008 started out like any other day for me....until I received a phone call from Carolina Adoption Services. Nancy, our 2nd adoption coordinator, was calling to introduce Allie (our 3rd adoption coordinator)...why??? Why are we receiving a 3rd coordinator? for what reason??
What I didn't know was the NEWS Allie and Nancy had to share with that would change our lives FOREVER!!! I remember saying to Allie, "I hope you will be the last coordinator". That's when she spoke up and said, "I have some really exciting news...are you near your computer?" My heart fell to my feet as I said YES...WHY, WHAT...Do you have our baby???? I was already screaming before she could confirm. YES, SHE HAD HALLE-GRACE!!! Well, Hallegrace was in VN but she had our referral for HG! I couldn't believe my ears....and I could have never prepared my heart and eyes for the most beautiful sight!!!! I will never forget shaking as I hit the check mail button and opened the file with her photos! I thought I would just BUST WIDE OPEN! My heart went into some crazy fluttering freenzy....It was LOVE at first SIGHT!!!!!!!!!! I didn't believe in love at first sight until March 5, 2008. The love we felt for HG carried us through the months to come as we fought to bring our baby home! Jason told me along the way..."not bringing Halle-Grace home is NOT an option. We will fight for our daughter, we will bring her home". He was right...the fight to DC, all the emails, phone calls to elected officials, my HENS who I love dearly, family, friends and often strangers who heard about our journey.....all of you helped bring HG home! Thank you!!

Thank you God for the miracle of adoption, thank you for the miracle of Halle-Grace.

"Mamaw Parker I am praying for you everyday and I love you."

Thinking about adopting? Worried about where you'll find the funds?

Show Hope is a beautiful organization that helps make dreams come true for so many families! Please visit their website and take a look around. Their personal story will leave you crying, laughing...full of joy and hope.